Bridal Shower Game Ideas – Part 2

We’ve got a compiled list for you below with a few new games and some updated classics including the purse game, bridal shower bingo, and name the price.

Purse Game

One of the most famous bridal shower games is the purse game. Have guests search for various items through-out their purse for items that you call out. Each item is given a number of points. The more commonly found an item is the less the points. Make sure to have each guest show the item they claim to have in order to receive her points. Sample items to call out would be: A lipstick, a comb, an emery board, and a key ring with more than four keys.

Bridal Shower Bingo

How can you not play Bridal Shower Bingo? Not only is it a staple at every shower, but it’s nearly no mess and everyone knows how to play. Give each guest a different bingo card with words associated with a wedding on them. Examples: Bouquet, Bow, Ribbon, Altar, Husband. Then cut up a sheet with the words listed on them and pull those words out of a bowl or hat. The guests then either stamp, mark off, or cover up the word. Whoever gets a whole row covered up first wins a prize!

Name the price

Purchase a dozen or so common household items and keep your receipt. The items could be laundry detergent, sponges, light bulbs etc. Give each guest or team a numbered sheet of paper. Hold up each item and display them in your very best Vanna White impression. Have the guests then write down their price. The team with the most right or closest prices, wins! Be sure to have brought a laundry basket for the bride to take home all of her loot.

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