Planning a Bachelorette Party – Part 2

Planning a friend’s bachelorette party can be a great time. Below we’ve gathered some tips for you to make sure your bride and her entourage have a fantastic and fun filled farewell to the single life.

T-minus two weeks:

10.) Double check any reservations that you have made. This includes transportation, hotel, entertainment, and even that VIP lounge you requested at the night club.

11.) Look into bachelorette party or other specials that may be offered around town. Chances are most places will offer something whether it’s a free drink, a t-shirt, or a special upgraded seating.

12.) If you are doing any partying at home, make shopping lists, gather any recipes you might need. Pass out all of your to do lists to anyone that is helping you. (game lists, decoration purchaser, etc.)  And create a time-frame/itinerary for games etc.

One week before:

13.) Double check your RSVP’s and contact anyone if necessary. Also call the entertainment and transportation company to verify times and payment information.

14.) Make all of those purchases, including all the fun extras you will need. This includes but is not limited to: caution tape, a bite-me candy necklace, a novelty veil and tiara, those plastic shot glasses on a string.

Two days to go:

15.) Fill your bride in on the time, style of dress and a few other things. You want her to be comfortable and ready to go just don’t spill all the beans.

16.) Give all of your party-goers a ring and remind them of times and locations. This is especially useful if you have guests whom may arrive later on in the evening.

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