How to Enjoy a Bridal Fair, Show or Event – Part 1

Once you have decided you are going to attend one you’ll have several different things to keep in mind. Because you have probably heard stories about them from both sides, from how much fun they are (they really can be) to how frustrating they are (yep, that to).

These events are supposed to be fun, a chance for you to get with your maids, maybe your fiance’ to and see what your local vendors have to offer you. If you go in with a clear mind and an idea of how things work you can leave inspired instead of frustrated.

Depending upon your location, a bridal show or bridal fair is probably held about twice a year, usually once in the spring and then again in the fall.

At a bridal fair you will find many local vendors and maybe not so local all under one roof. Vendors will vary from caterers, to photographers, and more. Any company that thinks you may benefit from their services will try to be there.

Most of the time when you attend a bridal fair you the bride will receive a pin or tag that says “bride” to wear. This will help the vendors to pinpoint you from your entourage as you pass by each booth. After you receive your nametag, it’s likely that you will be able to pick up a small map of the venue. This map will typically show you the overall lay out of the venue and number them. Accompanying the map would be a grid explaining which number is which vendor.

We suggest you look over the map and decide what places you really want to see first. Then pass through relatively quickly one time and decide if there are any more to add to your list. Now pass back through at a slower place concentrating on each specific place you marked down.

As you go from booth to booth take a look and see what products or services they are offering. Take a pamphlet or business card and a sample if you like. Many catering companies offer food samples for you to try. If you feel the pressure coming on to strong just say that you are taking your time with the wedding planning process and you’d be happy take information to run by your fiancé or mother (someone whom is not there with you). This will help alleviate some of the pressure of making a quick decision right then that you may regret and or struggling with a tactful on the spot way to decline services.

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