Planning a Bachelorette Party – Part 1

Planning a friend’s bachelorette party can be a great time. Below we’ve gathered some tips for you to make sure your bride and her entourage have a fantastic and fun filled farewell to the single life.

About six to eight weeks prior to the event:

1.) Talk with your bride about what type of party she would like. Does she expect a fancy dinner and a show or a more traditional all night pub crawl? Also ask her questions about what she would be completely uncomfortable with. Would your bride cringe just driving past your local Chippendales or expect a complete night of debauchery?

2.) Talk with her about a date. When planning a wedding it can seem like you are always rushing to another vendor’s appointment (especially close to the big day) so try and set one date with one back up date as well. Typically bachelorette parties are one to two weekends prior to the big day.

3.) Talk to your bride about compiling a guest list. Help her to go over the list, make sure she doesn’t forget anyone in her excitement. Have a rough idea of what you are planning at this time, that way you can advise her as to whether or not she should invite certain guests whom may be a bit timid to attend such a

4.) Get with the bridesmaids and discuss the date you have selected. If need be send out save the dates via email to make sure the date works for a majority of your guests.

5.) Start brainstorming with the others helping you with the party.(other bridesmaids, sisters etc.) Discuss possible venue locations, food and drink choices, game options and theme ideas (you know other than bachelorette theme)

6.) If you will have to deal with lodging or transportation look into that now. Call around and check out your best pricing options. Remember that you will probably want to ask the guests to pitch in a little in order to spread out the cost.

Four weeks till party time:

7.) Call and make arrangements with any entertainment you plan on having at the party. No matter whether this is for a dancer or a palm reader calling in to check on dates and specials will help you stay ahead of the game.

8.) Send out the invitations. We offer terrific selections over at our sister company American Stationery. From wild to mild it’s there!  Don’t forget to include on the invitation or on a separate card information regarding what if any contributions you are expecting from the guests.

9.) If you decide to bar hop (or at the very least are not just staying put) come up with a rough itinerary. This will help you to stay organized, save money, and ensure you get to do all things you want.

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