Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding – Color and Invitations

For a lot of us when we dream of our wedding, whether young little girls or newly engaged women, a vivid storybook tale plays out in our mind. However, some of us just aren’t quite “Cinderella/ fairy tale” girls. So with a new Alice in Wonderland recently released, we thought  we would discuss crafting your wedding after a more whimsical child-hood tale.


From playing card suit colors like red and black, to a kaleidoscope of varying colors, depending on exactly how you want to implement your Alice theme, the color choices are pretty much endless. Be sure to not overwhelm yourself or your guests with staying exactly in a specific color realm. As with any wedding, theme or not, you do not want to stress yourself out on everything being overly matched. Lucky for you, if you chose this style, off the wall and not completely consistent will just add to the look.


For invitations, The American Wedding definitely provides a few perfect Alice in Wonderland selections. Such as our Circles and Flowers Wedding Invitations for that fun crazy upside down world that Alice always takes you to no matter the version of the story you know. With it’s light colors and cutesy design it’s sure to fit a more topsy-turvy style.

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