Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding – Attire and Flowers


For your gown, we think something light and airy, free-falling around your body would be the way to go. Try fabrics such as cotton and gauze, instead of satins. For your bridal party, keep things a little fun.  Ask the bridesmaids to wear miniature top hats or floral head garlands.  Top hats for the men would be a nice idea as well.

Flowers and Bouquets

While it seems that roses painted red would be the way to go, we have a few other suggestions. Consider wildflowers mixed in with some weeds and thin twigs even. More like what would have been laying around the rabbit hole.

For a newer and a bit more eccentric idea consider carrying a candy bouquet. Yes, this is a bouquet made from different candies, namely large and oddly shaped lollipops. It’s cute and it’s sweet.

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