Types of Wedding Programs

So, now that you’ve decided you definitely need wedding programs, here’s the skinny on two popular choices.

1. Booklet program

2. Flat double-sided program

Let’s break them down in a bit more detail . . .

Booklet programs are often put together using two holes and a ribbon knot or bow. They can come in various sizes, and we have three main ones: traditional, square and tea length.

On the cover of the booklet program, couples typically include their names and wedding date along with a graphic, monogram or short quote. The first inside page is normally a “title” page stating the couples full names, time and location of the ceremony. The inside spread of the program is the best place to list the ceremony details (in chronological order) such as the processional music, prayers, readings, exchange of vows, exchange of rings, and pronouncement of marriage. There is a large amount of variation in how specific a bride may be in listing the details – some have a basic outline and others include every single element (like not only the names of songs to be sung, but who wrote and composed them also). The next page is normally reserved for a listing of the bridal party (ie – Parents of Bride: Mr. and Mrs. William Smith, or Maid of Honor: Sarah Smith). The back page is often reserved a thank you note to guests, remembrances, or directions to the reception.

The flat double-sided program works in much the same way – the ceremony events are normally printed on the front side and the wedding party and any other information is typically printed on the back. If you are having a large wedding party or want to include a large amount of details, you may want to select a booklet program. The flat program can be dressed up by the use of graphics or a ribbon accent.

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