Don’t forget your wedding programs!

Tis the season . . . for wedding programs! Which normally translates to: “oh my gosh! my wedding is in three weeks and I’m in panic mode – can you please help me with my programs??” So, earlier this spring we decided to be proactive and remind all of our brides via email to make sure that they planned ahead. And now our summer brides are happily receiving their programs and have one less thing to fret over at the last minute! If you are trying to decide whether programs are for you or not, read on . . .

Though it isn’t written anywhere that wedding programs are a necessity at your ceremony, they are not something to be forgotten. Having a wedding program is important for a number of reasons:

1. You didn’t spend all that time working with a designer to create the perfect wedding logo for your wedding invitation, not to take advantage of seeing it carried onto your programs (and also the menus, place cards, table numbers, and thank you notes . . . but I digress). I know you also have that monogram on the cake, the aisle runner and dance floor, but your guests can’t take those guys home, so give them something to keep as a reminder of your big day!

2. Make your guests more comfortable by letting them know what’s happening during the ceremony. For instance, if you are having a Catholic mass and half of your congregation is Baptist, a program is a great way to help them understand what is happening, what is expected of them, and how long they may be in their seats.

3. You didn’t get here all by yourself! A program is a great way to thank your family and your guests for supporting you both on this special day and throughout your lives.

4. Who are all those people standing next to you? Most likely your guests will know some of your wedding party, but listing everyone in the program is a nice way to properly introduce them to everyone. It’s also a great idea to include a line or two about why each person is important to you and your fiance.

5. Let your personality shine! Love music or poetry? Include a meaningful lyric that will have your guests saying, “that’s so you”.

6. Point your guests in the right direction! If your reception is at a different location than your ceremony, the program is also a great place to include directions (just in case they forgot to pack the ones you so graciously included with your wedding invitations!).

7. Honor those who could only be there in spirit.  Your wedding program is a wonderful way to include those who could not make it regardless of the reason.

Just like your wedding invitation, your ceremony program should be a way to inform your guests about your event in a way that’s all you! Check out some of our newest and most popular programs in our collection:


Top Left: Preppy Monogram Wedding Program

Top Right: Coral Beach Wedding Program (perfect for a destination wedding!)

Bottom Left: Bella Wedding Program

Bottom Right: Chalkboard Wedding Program

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