Trendy Coffee and Liqueur Pairings for Stylish Receptions

You want a fun reception at your wedding, not just for you but for all your guests. If your reception is happening later in the day and you want to get all your guests dancing after a big meal, you may want to try some alcoholic coffee. These adorable and delicious cocktails are not just a great little treat after a meal, they also keep the party going and get everyone loosened up with their combination of caffeine and alcohol.

So, pick out your favorite wedding glassware and get your bottles and shot glasses ready to go at the bar to make a magical drink. Not sure which one you need? Here is a quick list to get you started.

Espresso cocktail served on table

Chocolate Macchiato

This drink has so much going for it. First, a fresh shot of espresso to get everybody smiling and then an ounce of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur to keep them happy. A little twist of orange gives the drink a complex flavor while still transporting you back to your high school days when you first ventured into a coffee shop. Best of all, the drink looks very high-end thanks to the milk froth garnish and the optional gold flakes on the glass. Your guests will be thrilled to knock one back.

Vintage Coffee Cocktail

This one is a unique celebration of the Irish coffee but goes a whole new direction. Combining Guinness beer with the bitterness of freshly drawn espresso, this one will satisfy those with stronger tastes and who like a memorable drink. Don’t be put off if extra dark beer isn’t your drink of choice; this one is tempered with a vanilla bean and some cream to keep it from getting too stiff.

Espresso Cream Soda

Want to do a less on-the-nose drink but still give a nod to the deliciousness of coffee? This basic liquor and mixer approach is the way to go. By combining a coffee-flavored Voli with some bubbly water, you can have a dash of coffee and vanilla while keeping your glass clear and sparkling.

Double shots Espresso

Dark Moon

Double the caffeine! This incredible intense drink combines cold brew coffee with a little coca cola as well as coffee liqueur and spiced rum to make something truly unforgettable. Only offer this one to hardcore coffee fans or aficionados—anyone else will be running up the reception hall walls for the next few hours. However, that may be exactly what you had in mind. If that’s the case, go nuts.

Vietnamese Irish Coffee

Inspired by two places that really know their brews, this coffee brings together the elegance of a slow drip, Vietnamese cup with the classic coffee and Bailey’s pairing. However, here you can skip the creamy liqueur and go straight for the whiskey.

Feel free to get little coffee drippers for your guests so they can watch the magic happen right at their table. Vietnamese coffee makers are cheap and easy to order in bulk, so, if you like, you can even make them take-home trinkets from your big day. Coffee cocktails at home—yummy!

Cafe Pacifico

This rich and delicious cocktail must be served hot, so it is perfect for anyone getting married in a colder climate or if you are planning a fall or winter wedding. Hot coffee is combined with tequila, cinnamon, sugar, and cream to make warm, dreamy cup sure to keep any storm or biting wind at bay. Your guests will sing your praises for the hot drink, as well as the soul-warming combination of hard alcohol and velvety liqueur this drink promises. Enjoy.

Hotel breakfast service - waitress pouring coffee for guest

Mocha Margarita

This is essentially a dessert in a glass. If you love chocolate ice cream but absolutely adore it when it has a twist of coffee to it, you will love this one. Your guests will especially like the sugar and salt on the rim of the glass and the deep, rich color. It’s a bit of a throwback to a kid’s milkshake but undeniably grown-up as well. Note—this recipe is the first of three in the linked video.

Spanish Coffee

This is a great one—very showy and extra delicious. It starts with an orange rim to give the drink a little citrus kick. Then, brown sugar is added to the edge to give it a little sparkle and some extra sweetness. The drink starts with Cointreau and then high proof rum. Before the bartender goes any further, this combination is set on fire. The flames heat up the glass and caramelize the sugars on top, giving a candy finish to a strong and stiff drink.

Fresh coffee is poured on top, and a float of heavy cream is a garnish. Be sure to have this one prepared where your guests can see it. The drink isn’t just great; it’s a little show in and of itself.

Sweet! Dessert Tables

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