Versatile Options for Flower Girl Dresses

A stunning and elegant bride will make her way down the aisle surrounded by family, friends, coworkers, and a very special wedding party. Each person plays a vital role in the celebration of the two people who are choosing to spend their lives together forevermore. Each detail has been carefully planned, and that includes the sweet little dress you see on the flower girl as she dances,  squirms, or prances during the wedding procession. If you are the bride or mother of the flower girl, consider these versatile options for finding just the right dress for the occasion.

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  1. Shimmer and shine. Consult the bride on her preferences. If her dress is full of sequins and glittery elements, she may expect for her flower girls to match that style. If her dress is simple and clean-cut, she may also desire for there to be a little extra shine to her smaller counterpart’s gown just to liven things up. A bride can dress up the flower girl in a fun and trendy dress that may not be as appealing on a grown woman.

The options for incorporating sequins and glitter into your flower girl dress are endless. You can pair a shimmery top piece with a fluffy skirt of tulle or add a giant golden or silver bow in the back for winter weddings. This also gives you plenty of adorable options for shoes and accessories.

2. Simple and elegant. You want to meet the wishes of your bride. Whether she has given you a lot of specifics or is being a bit vague, remember you will most likely hit the mark if you keep the dress simple and elegant. Consider a simple white dress that can be altered at any given moment. You can usually find a beautiful, yet plainly styled, white dress at most department stores or dress shops.

Once you feel like your bride has nailed down exactly what she wants, you can always add details to the dress. You may end up adding a simple flower pendant, a sash that matches the wedding party, or a gorgeous hand-beaded belt that really gives the dress personality for the special event.

The flower girl in a high heels on a wedding day

  1. Convertible necklines. Check out the necklines and cuts of the bride and her bridesmaid dresses. If you see the same pattern, try to find something similar to that particular style. If this isn’t an option in dresses for little girls, search for a complementary style. A low-cut bridal party style can be substituted with a pleated, crisscross style or convertible dresses for young girls.

Convertible dresses allow you to change the neckline of the dress just by adjusting a layer of tulle or satin material at the top of the dress. This allows for the classic two-strap look, the Cleopatra crisscross, or a one-shoulder style. If you cannot find this in a flower girl dress, a local seamstress could easily add this feature to your dress.

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  1. Vintage and retro styles. A lot of brides are choosing more vintage themes for their wedding party—from polka-dot bow ties on groomsmen to firebird red pumps on bridesmaids. Flower girls can really tie the vintage look together with a lace or linen tunic. You can also purchase a leotard that is decked out in lace, simple white, or tulle. Choosing the leotard option gives your flower girl multiple style options for the big day, especially if your bride wants her to go from classic to retro between the ceremony and the reception.

To complete the retro look, flower girls may also add a fur throw over their shoulders in winter weddings. Splashes of color in her headband and shoes are a terrific way to offset the simplicity of a tunic-styled dress. Don’t forget a string of pearls to really make that vintage style come to life.

  1. Tulle and bows. Working with tulle allows for some of the most versatile dresses that will match wedding colors as well as come across as delightfully elegant. Many dresses come with the option to fill up the skirt with your desired color of flower petal. Most typically, these are filled with rose petals, but you can personalize the filler to meet the wedding’s needs. Maybe your little one is in more than one wedding this season. This is a wonderful way to adjust to assorted styles and colors.

There is no rule against using other types of fillers, too. You may consider filling the tulle with glitter, sequins, or something that speaks personally to the bride. Changing out bows is another way to create a fresh look on a tulle filler dress. These are easy to find, but a seamstress can easily add tulle to something you may have already purchased.

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