20 Unique and Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas to Inspire Couples

Planning for and preparing your own wedding ceremony can be an indescribably exhausting ordeal. Back in the older days, making the arrangements for a wedding was much simpler.
You did not have to be concerned about coming up with out-of-the-box ideas that make you stand out from the rest of the wedded couples that you know of. Nowadays, the scenario is
much different. Hardly any couple wants to have a conventional, stereotypical, and generic wedding ceremony. In an effort to create everlasting memories, people look for unique wedding themes or wedding ideas, but it can be pretty difficult to find something
extraordinary for your wedding if you are lacking inspiration.

It is very common for the to-be-wedded couple to feel that their creativity is letting them down in the days leading up to the wedding ceremony. Often, the frustration starts with the
wedding invitations. Your creativity is put to the test over and over again throughout the course of an entire wedding. However, the one place where your originality or imagination matters the most is the wedding invitation.

People lead very busy lives nowadays. It is extremely difficult to get people to take time off
of their hectic schedule and attend the wedding ceremony of a friend or family member.
Sometimes, the turn-up rate for invited guests at a wedding ceremony can be solely influenced by how charming and sincere the wedding invitation is. Therefore, this is
something that you cannot and should not take lightly.

Do not count on the wedding bells to get people to be a part of your big day. If you want your guests to show up, you need to put in a little bit of effort for that. In other words, you have to
think of a way to make your wedding invitation as appealing, impressive, and attractive as you possibly can, without coming off as an entrepreneur trying to get potential clients to
attend a corporate event. If you are short of ideas, you can always take inspiration from other couples who have done a remarkable job in putting a smile on people’s faces with their creative and unique wedding invitations. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the twenty cutest, most inventive, and most imaginative contemporary wedding invites.

1 Doodle Invites

If you are a highly creative person who loves casual, modern art, a doodle-styled wedding invite would be the ideal option for you. It is certainly an unconventional idea that will create a lasting impression in the minds of the invited guests. It is also the form of art work that will be highly appreciated by those who love art, and who find deep meaning in it. You could
come up with a fun twist on the traditional boy-girl silhouette to take customized illustrations to the next level.


2 Watercolor Invitations

Artwork and wedding invites really go hand in hand. If you love using the paint brush and have a knack for coming up with beautiful paintings, then you could use watercolor to paint
your own invites. If there is a relatively small number of invites that you have to send out, then you could individually paint each and every single invitation card. When using letterpress printing, bear in mind the fact that it can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is better if you stick to a single color design to curb down the cost. You definitely do not want to go broke after your wedding.

Watercolor Swirl Wedding Invitations

3 Vintage Post Card Save the Dates

Going retro with your wedding theme and your wedding invite can never be a bad idea. You can pay tribute to the city or town of your wedding by sending out vintage postcard style Save the Dates. The burst of nostalgia will be very well received by the guests. Perhaps you could get them to think about the good old days when weddings were simpler and more enjoyable.


4 Foiled Stamp Invites

Foil stamping oozes with sophistication and class. Depending on the kind of theme that you have opted for your wedding, you could use foil stamping to create a unique black-on-black invite that would look very swanky and would surely impress the guests who have an affinity for chic black designs. For those of you who are not aware of what foil stamping is, it is basically a printer that uses heat, pressure, and metallic paper. This particular invite would be
perfect for a big city urban wedding ceremony.


5 Complementing Favor Bags

Not all wedding invites have to be in the form of paper stationery. You could think out of the box and come up with unique items that could be attached to each individual invite. A prime
example of a unique item that you could attach to the cards is a favor bag. They are cute, adorable, and, most importantly, the perfect object to complement the invitation cards. Paying attention to small additions such as these goes a long way toward improving the impressiveness of your wedding invite.

Watercolor Favor Bags

6 Family Tree Invites

If you have strong family ties, and if you are proud of your family roots, then you could create a family tree based wedding invitation. Some people love to boast their lineage, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. You can honor your union with a family tree guestbook that could be signed by friends and family. The end result would be a memorable keepsake that you could have in your house for many years to come. After all, nothing brings a family together like a wedding.


7 Sticker Invites

Sometimes, striking simplicity is all it takes to make your wedding invitation stand out. You could jazz up basic stationery elements such as envelopes with stickers. You could get the personalized ones with a monogram of your own. You could also buy simpler versions from the local craft store. If you are arranging your wedding on a tight budget, then this wedding
invitation idea could be a lifesaver. It is also worth noting that the sticker invites are more appropriate for younger couples, as compared to the older ones (although older couples could easily give this a more elegant touch to suit their tastes).


8 Cute Invites

Ever thought of putting some color into your invites and Save the Date? A bit of fun and color can announce your wedding in your own way. It’s very cute and can be carried on throughout your wedding theme.


9 Different Shaped Wedding Invites

The invitation card does not have to be shaped like a square or a rectangle. Changing up the outline of the invite can do a lot in terms of increasing its visual appeal. A circular wedding invite will definitely grab the attention of the invited guests. With a circular invite, it is important that you go for bold colors such as red, orange, or yellow (or a combination of all three), as they really complement the round figure of the stationery.


10 Vintage Wedding Invites

A vintage invite is not necessarily the same as a retro one. With a retro theme, your primary aim is to induce nostalgia in people. A vintage theme, on the other hand, is intended to allow people to appreciate the art of yesteryears. Such a theme also adds a sense of timelessness to your wedding invite. The key to creating the perfect vintage-inspired wedding invite is to keep things very simple and incredibly elegant.


11 Wedding Invites with
Patterned Envelope Liners

If you do not want to experiment much with the wedding invitation card itself, you could beautify the envelope by adding patterned liners. These patterns could have a traditional black and white design to catch the attention of the guests from the moment they open the envelope. You could also go for a comforting and soothing blue and white pattern, especially if it is a winter wedding.


12 Stationery Game Themed
Wedding Invite

This is the kind of wedding invite that you could sent out to your friends, cousins, and other relatives. Instead of bluntly writing down all the information on a piece of paper, use folded
wedding stationery to turn the wedding invite into an exciting and fun stationery game. An interactive stationery like a crossword puzzle where the guests have to play along to find out details about the wedding ceremony would be an amazing way to get people hyped up about your big day. Try not to make the games too complex. You do not want your guests to throw away the piece of paper in frustration.


13 The Butterfly Effect

This is one of the simplest, most popular, and effective ways to enhance the visual appeal of your wedding invite. All you need is a pop-up butterfly at the center of your wedding invitation card to garner the interest of the invited guests. With such an invitation card, you need to tone down the colors and focus on the texture. A white invitation card with a light pink or light blue butterfly at the center would look absolutely magnificent. Choose a high-
quality stationery material for the card that has a smooth surface and velvety surface.


14 Poster Styled Wedding Invites

Who says wedding invites cannot be fun and funky? If you are sick and tired of generic wedding invites that try to capture the essence of elegance, then you could come up with a rustic poster styled wedding invitation. You can roll up the invites and deliver them to your invited guests in authentic poster packaging for an extra-memorable touch. Use bold fonts and bold colors for the wedding invite poster. The poster does not have to be all text. Take a look at a few of the concert posters of your favorite bands for some inspiration.


15 Crests on Wedding Invites

You need a talented illustrator to work on this wedding invite. Ask the illustrator to create a picture perfect family crest for you and your significant other. The crest can then be used in
all of your wedding stationery. Ideally, a wedding invite or wedding stationery crest should not be too colorful. The modest color combinations of brown and white or black and white would work really well here. A bear, an eagle, or a wolf are some of the animals that you could use for the crest.


16 Wedding Invites with Illustrations of You

As mentioned before, the sincerity of your wedding invite should not be compromised with under any circumstances. You really need to let the guests know that their presence will please you. Nothing speaks sincerity like a roughly sketched illustration of you on the
wedding invite, accompanied by a sweet personal message for the guests. The illustration should include features of the location in which you are getting married. It could have other fun details about you, such as a picture of your dog. Make it all about you. Let your personality shine through in this wedding invite.


17 In a Clutch

Put everything in one place. Your invitation, Direction Card, Reception Card, and your RSVP all in one handy clutch. This Classic Clutch Pocket Wedding Invitation is simple, elegant and refined. Customize the accessories to suit your needs and choose your favorite fonts and inks to make this piece the perfect reflection of your formal event!


18 Have a Destination Wedding

Some couples want to get away for their wedding. This is becoming more and more popular. Beach wedding, Mountain weddings, Vegas wedding, even out of the country weddings.  It’s fun and true to the couples who want them. Send out some fun invitations to let your guest know when and where you’re going!


19 Themed Wedding

Along the same lines are themed weddings. Some couples like to theme their wedding towards movies, books, theme parks or holidays. It’s up to the couple to decide what they like and how to make it their own.


20 Lavish and Elegant

Of course there is always the elegant and sophisticated weddings to impress your guest. we have many gorgeous invitations that will take you away and make you a princess, or prince. Whether you want simple, traditional, stylish, or just elegant. There are many choices available for you!



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