6 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Memories Alive

Weddings are often a blur for those involved. Most brides and grooms are so busy during their wedding day that they miss much of the excitement going on all around them. While there are typically a number of staged pictures of the bride, groom, and bridal party, along with a video of the events, there are many other ways to keep the memories of your special day alive and get a glimpse of what others were doing while you were busy gazing into each other’s eyes.

Guest Book  This traditional keepsake is still the standard when it comes to wedding memories. Not only does it provide a list of who was there so you can win the attendance debate 35 years from now, but there is a place for guests to provide their timeless words of wisdom, congratulations, or corny inside jokes. Many of these books also have a place for addresses and phone numbers, providing an easy way to address Thank You cards. By opting for a fully-customized book, you can ensure this treasure will not soon be relegated to the bottom of a memory drawer.

Framed Comment Poster Comprised of one or two extra-large sheets of thick, ultra-high-quality stock, the comment poster is an offshoot of the guest book that is framed after the wedding. Place the papers near or, in some cases, in lieu of the guest book. Choose pens based on your paper type to avoid smearing or ink blotting. Pen types are also based upon your decision to go with a classy black and white poster or a fully technicolor creation. Guests sign the papers and provide a short anecdote, blessing, or piece of witty advice. With quality matting and framing, the comment posters are a keepsake second to none and are worthy of a prominent place in any home.

Customized Stationery The best time to order stationery and cards for your future life as Mr. and Mrs. is when you are preparing for your wedding. After all, you are already creating custom orders with the stationery company.

Life is filled with correspondence opportunities, and few things instantly grab the attention of a reader like the quality of your stationery. Most papers pass through a reader’s hands in a matter of seconds, if you want to increase the chances of your letter being read, put it on paper whose very touch demands a second look.

Too many people order just enough stationery to get them through their wedding, when a few dollars more could have set them up with a supply of exceptional letter stock to represent their family with class and distinction for many years to come.

Champagne or Other Keepsake Glassware  Is there a better, classier, or more exciting way to start your anniversary tradition than by breaking out your keepsake glassware and toasting your wedding day? Many brides and grooms have opted to do away with the cheap, plastic toasting cups and instead supply their guests with quality, customized glassware. Not only is it useful during the wedding, but it serves as a wedding favor which provides the additional advantage of invoking memories down the road. Whether it’s dainty, fluted champagne glasses, shot glasses, or thick, beefy pilsners, you will be certain to enjoy your wedding memories while tastefully sipping or throwing back your favorite beverage.

Customized Bookmarks  One of the more popular keepsakes among academic and affluent wedding parties are customized bookmarks. These are not the cheap paper cutouts you get from many novelty shops. These are high-quality, personalized mementos complete with your wedding theme, pictures, colors, and verses. If you are a reader, a bookmark is something that you use each and every day. What better way to remember the day of your nuptials each morning, night, and evening than with a bookmark specially created for that momentous occasion?

Stampers  These are typically created during the invitation phase of wedding planning. Customized stamps are the modern derivative of the iconic wax seal of lore. The seal can be as simple as your initials, as creative as your theme, or as complex as a symbol of your wedding and marriage.

The best part of a stamper is that, unlike many wedding themed items, once the wedding is over the stamper still retains infinite usefulness. With so much elegance lost in today’s email culture, it is so nice to receive a personal card or letter from the post office. Being able to stamp your birthday, holiday, or other correspondence with the symbol of your eternal love makes it that much more special.

Regardless of the items you choose, your wedding is about more than just one day. It is the first day of the rest of your wedded life. You put so much time, effort, and planning into the ceremony and events of the day, don’t forget to take a little time to plan for the items and tokens that will live on well beyond the last dance.

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