Keep Cozy with Winter Wedding Favors

The sun is shining, filtered through festively fall-colored trees, and the November air is nippy, with winter eagerly waiting to greet us.  The thought of icy days ahead is not a pleasant one, not with red noses and frozen toes, but the coziness that accompanies winter is always welcome: knit scarves, gingerbread lattes, and cuddles on the couch.

The snowy season is no match for couples in love however, which is perhaps the reason winter weddings are becoming ever more popular.  Guests, on the other hand, out braving the cold to celebrate and cheer the couple, might need a little extra warming up.  As though winter wonderland weddings aren’t exciting enough to plan and decorate, we’ve got five adorably toasty favors that will warmly thank your favorite friends and family for making your wedding day especially cozy!

warm favor ideas for winter weddings | hot cocoa

There is little more comforting on a frosty day than a cup of hot cocolate.  Send guests on their merry way with an easy DIY-able jar of marshmallows and cocoa mix.

warm favor ideas for winter weddings | cozy blankets

The most literal translation of a cozy wedding favor: a blanket!  Whether handmade or bought, bundles of blankets can provide warmth during your ceremony and reception, as well as for years to come.

warm favor ideas for winter weddings | s'mores cake in a jar

S’mores cake in jars, warm and gooey, ready to go, will be an extraordinary treat for guests at the end of a cool night.  The best part is that you don’t have to stand outdoors around a fire to enjoy them.

warm favor ideas for winter weddings | handmade drink koozies

Hand-knit cozy drink koozies are a wonderfully warm gift, made with love and sure to keep you and your drink snug on the chilliest of days.

warm favor ideas for winter weddings | coffee beans

Coffee, in any form, is a toasty treat for all.  Beans are easy to package in monogrammed favor bags OR, to warm guests on the spot, arrange for a coffee bar or vendor to set up toward the end of your reception.  As an added plus, it’ll keep the party going all night!

What are other cozy winter wedding favor ideas for guests?  Find more wedding favor ideas on Pinterest!

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