Showcase Elegancy with Letterpress Invitations

The American Wedding is excited to introduce their new Letterpress Collection of invitations.

The extremely elegant Crane’s Lettra paper makes the perfect partner to the unparalleled quality of the timeless letterpress print style. Made with 100% of the finest cotton fiber it is undoubtedly to be a big hit with wedding customers and print enthusiasts alike! The cotton paper allows the feel to be soft and gentle to the touch, yet thick and durable at a 110# weight.

The almost ancient art form of letterpress printing was brought to light hundreds of years ago by the famous inventor Johanes Gutenberg. A name synonymous with printing. This unique style is formed when the typeface letters are on a movable press bed. The press bed is then inked and literally pressed into the paper. Thus giving it the name letterpress.

Letterpress printing allows for an exquisitely clean and crisp finished product. This style simply exudes elegance. There is no need to crowd the invitation with any overpowering theme or design. The look of the printing and paper are almost a piece of art themselves.  Maybe a few swirls here or there or some intricate flowers. The wording and your names are gently kissed into the paper leaving your invitation words elegantly displayed. Because the design and the wording are all printed at the same time this allows for seamless color matching from the shade of blue for the flowers at the top to the names at the bottom.  Because the ink is pressed into the paper, the words of your wedding invitation are the design. And why shouldn’t they be? This is your guests first glimpse into your special day. A day to be remembered for years to come.  Letterpress itself shows grace and style, your invitations will certainly leave a lasting impression on your guests. (pun intended)

Of course a centuries old practice has taken some time to be perfected. There have been a few tweaks here, and an update or two there. We have been printing stationery and wedding invitations at The American Wedding since 1919. Over this time we have become quite knowledgeable. While there are always challenges to face with different methods, there is craftsmanship required. A finished letterpress invitation is made to look like it was handled with care, because it was. So who better to trust with a delicate and timeless printing art form than The American Wedding? You can rest assured that putting your faith in our hands will result in a beautiful outcome.

No matter your style, letterpress may be an option for you. The bride who wishes to be Cinderella for instance? Nothing says old world elegance like a single panel card that shows just the hint of an impression on the opposing side; the indent is part of the appeal to many brides. The aptly named traditional elegance is the right choice for the classic fairy tale wedding fantasy. The names of you and your prince charming take center stage in crisp format. Your guests will not be mistaken, as this day is all about you and your hubby to be!

Art and printed word enthusiasts who have their fingers on the pulse of wedding trends will admire and likely insist on ordering letterpress. The item title “Luscious Scrolls” is a terrific choice for a trendy bride. The scrolls almost frame the wording from top to bottom. With a large font face comes less room for wording. So the old etiquette book is thrown out and just your basic information is given. The invitation is so beautiful, so dramatic, there is no need to be wordy. The guests will want to go just wondering how you will extend your style into the wedding day.

Take a moment to look into your options for the style of printing you would like for your invitations. Be picky, it’s your day and everything should be exactly as you like it.