How to Incorporate Lace Into Your Big Day

For this wedding season lace is going to make a big comeback.

Lace isn’t just for your grandmothers anymore. The look and feel of lace offers a look of sophistication that is hard to create. It offers elegance and a lightness that many other fabrics and patterns just cannot offer.

You may be wondering where or how you can incorporate this beautiful fabric. Well don’t worry and don’t think the only place to use lace is in that handkerchief for your something borrowed, there are plenty of other places to use it.

To start with, the wedding invitations! The invitation is likely the first glimpse your guests have into your wedding day. They offer information sure, but the way they look and feel is important. At The American Wedding, we offer a few lace inspired invitations. The Modern Lace offers the elegant understated look of lace on a flat printed card. Your ink color choices are plentiful and so are the ensemble pieces offered. You can make your look complete by ordering the accessory cards to match and more. We also offer menu cards, seating cards, table cards and more!

If texture is what you crave then our Chantilly invitation is just the one for you. This invitation comes with a pearl stamped lace design highlighting the embossed design. This panel invitation comes in white or ecru vellum. In the center is a die-cut window for you to place your names at center stage.

An obvious place to use lace is on your wedding gown. Whether complete lace and short like a 20’s inspired flapper dress, or long with a lace overlay there is a style to fit you. Lace can easily be used as an accent in lieu of the main fabric. Lace headpieces have been made popular this spring after a celebrity wore one at her wedding. High heels in a bold color with a contrasting lace design would offer a funky take on a sometimes too sweet style.

And don’t forget your veil! Elbow length veils often have edges sewn with a simple lace design. There are others typically, much longer veils that are complete lace and definitely will add a dramatic look.

Wrap the bottom third of your wedding cake layers in lace. It looks beautiful and easily tears away before eating. It allows for a look of texture which makes it interesting to look at, your guests are sure to remember the “lace cake”.

Lace table runners show that you pay attention to detail. Don’t forget lace doesn’t have to be white or ivory. Choose bold colors such as hot pink or black even lay atop eggshell cotton tablecloths. Remember lace offers texture, which is a big appeal don’t be scared to play with it and give a bold contrast for your guests to admire.

Any bride who wants a “roaring 20’s” or “Boho chic” wedding would definitely be the talk of the town carrying a lace parasol leaving the church! Have your maids carry them in one of your wedding colors and you also have a possible alternative to the bouquet at an outdoor wedding.

Tied pieces of lace and ribbon dangling from the ceiling or a wall as a photo booth back drop is very modern. This is also pretty easy to create on your own. Terrific for the bride who wants to try her hand at the DIY movement.

Don’t forget to not overdue it. Incorporate this trend in places you feel work best for your test. The last thing you want is for your guests to have nightmares about giant doilies that night.