Planning a Green Wedding – Green Details

Green Wedding Attire

In Celtic myths the green man was the god of fertility and in the 15th Century, many brides wore green wedding dresses. Veil piping and sashes are easy ways for brides to incorporate any color of the rainbow into their attire. Pocket squares and vests do the same for grooms.  You can have an all green wedding dress for a Renaissance wedding, perhaps with gold or brown accents.

Wedding Invitations and Paper

The Kelsey 2-Layer Wedding Invitation uses thermography to give you the raised feel of engraved invitations at a fraction of the cost and they are an excellent way to start introducing guests to your green wedding scheme.  Thermography ink is available in 20 plus color printing is available using one color ink or two so this invitation really allows you to let your color scheme shine. This folio pocket invitation works wonders with color schemes that use multiple shades of green with the added bonus of helping your guests keep your wedding information organized all in one place. The damask pattern on the Henna Wedding Invitation is a simple way to add elegance and style to your green wedding invitation without adding cost and a lot of fuss. Try placing stick on jewels strategically on the damask pattern for a personal touch of glamour for your green wedding invitation.

Flowers to Consider

The obvious choice is of course to use greenery and shrubbery rather than flowers to add green to your bouquets, centerpieces and other décor. Try a variety of grasses, kale and other greens in stoneware containers. Artichokes and grapes, both real and artificial, make for unique additions to centerpieces that will leave your guests raving for months. Hydrangeas are available in green and make for a very full and romantic bouquet. Fiddlehead ferns and green hypericum berries make a full and beautiful addition to any bouquet especially when paired with a curly willow. Try peacock feathers for a classy and fun green touch. Orchids, button mums, jade roses, lotus pods and berzillia berries make for versatile green additions to your bouquet and décor. Ivy makes a great addition to a cascade bouquet. Don’t feel you are restricted to just leaves and greenery when choosing the green for your flowers.  Green flowers make beautiful bouquets as the main color instead of just being used as an accent.

Grab some swatches and bits of fabric and ribbon and get creative when choosing shades and color combinations for your green wedding color palette. Green can give your wedding a fresh, vibrant look without being overwhelming.