Green Trick Dianthus

Green flowers are always popular and until just recently, choices were limited to mums, hydrangeas, and (gasp!) the dyed carnation.  But there’s a new kid on the block, and its name is Green Trick Dianthus.  This cheery and head-turning flower is a cousin of the carnation but doesn’t need any dye to gain its eye-catching bright green color.  The frilled edges of the petals give it a soft pom-pom look while its tight shape lends a formal sculptural element to bouquets and arrangements.

My favorite use of this flower is to use it as part of a tablescape inspired by Central Park in New York City.  It is just the cutest little centerpiece and I want to go and make one for myself right now!  Next time you’re at the florist, try to find this green gem and I bet you’ll fall in love!

Want to see more Green Trick Dianthus?  Check out Pinterest.

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