It’s His Wedding Too! – How to Include the Groom without Overwhelming & Micromanaging Him

You may have been visualizing your wedding day since you were a little girl, from the cake to the dress to the flowers and china. That is probably not the case for your intended and if he has visualized any of it chances are he hasn’t been focused on the same details. Many guys hesitate to jump into the planning for fear of stepping on your toes or messing with your plans.

You want to have clear and open communication with your fiancé about what each of you needs to do. Many grooms won’t realize ahead of time all the tiny little details that need to be worked out. Meeting with a wedding coordinator to discuss all of these details (even if you won’t be using one) can help give him a better idea of what needs to happen.

Communicating with your partner and letting him know that you want to hear what he thinks and has to say is also key. He needs to know his ideas and wants aren’t going to ruin your ideas of a perfect day. After all it really is his wedding too.

If your guy is really having trouble jumping into the planning process make sure to give him tasks that really play off his strengths. Is he great with electronics? Have him meet with photographers, videographers and DJs so they can talk shop. Is he great at accounting? Have him prepare the budget and track spending. Does he have an artistic flair? Get him designing those invitations and save the dates.