WedPics: Real-Time Shareable Memories

I remember attending my aunt’s wedding when I was about eleven; I loved that she provided disposable cameras for guests to capture candid shots.  I thought it was just so neat and I had such a great time trying to take artsy, fun pictures for them to enjoy.  They surely got a few laughs out of them!

Fast forward almost twenty years later and what do you know… there’s an app for that!

WedPics is an interactive wedding album created by your guests, brought to us by the same masterminds behind deja Mi: Andy Heymann, Justin Miller, and Idan Koren.  “When we were building deja Mi we thought about its uses very early on.  Weddings was one of our very favorite use cases, but we realized that couples needed the ability to have their wedding album be private.  The more we thought about it, the more we really liked the idea.  So we built it.”  These smart fellas have taken the hassle out of tracking down photos and the fuss out of developing dozens of disposable film cameras; they’ve put a real-time wedding album in just about every one of your guests’ pockets.

Happy couples can easily sign up for a WedPics account ahead of time or on the fly via iPhone, Android, or the web for only $99.  (It really is easy… I already signed up for mine!)  Once you are registered, you simply invite friends to download the free app using your access code and then the magic happens.  Guests can snap fun photos, apply snazzy filters, and share them in real-time.  Friends can comment and show their love for images on their smartphones or online at home in a Pinterest-esque styled layout.

wedpics - interactive wedding album

Being that I’m so excited to use the app in just a few short weeks, I had a couple of questions.  Being that Andy is a friend of mine, I threw in a few more for fun.  He sweetly obliged and gave me the inside scoop.  He also gave me a nifty coupon code especially for our readers!

  • What if someone posts a hideous photo of me?  Hahaha.  Yes, anyone can flag off an inappropriate picture.  It will stay in the weddings database, but it wont be viewable anymore.
  • Can we invite others to view the photos, even if those folks don’t have the app?  The Bride and Groom can give anyone the custom access code to their album and they can view the full album on the phone app or on the web.
  • What is your favorite thing to do at a wedding?  Hmmmmm.  The photobooths are amazing.  I’m going with that.
  • What is your favorite photobooth prop?  My panda hat!
  • What one reason should couples use WedPics?  It is hands down the easiest and most fun way to make sure they get to see all of the photos taken at their wedding.

Andy’s a stand up guy (he’s even officiated a few weddings, you know), so with his skills and the powers of Justin and Idan, WedPics is unquestionably a must-have app come your wedding day.

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