Hello, my name is Ranunculus

Hello, my name is Ranunculus.“rah-NUN-kew-lus”?  That’s right.  That’s my name.  Hey, I can’t help it if my name doesn’t do my beautiful flowers justice.  They are deeply hued with numerous petals that make my flowers look almost fake.  I belong to the buttercup family and I’m more commonly called Persian buttercup, after one of the countries that I’m native to, Iran (formerly called Persia.)  I like sunny days and open fields, but I don’t really get along with animals (I tend to make them sick.)  I also look great in centerpieces and bridal bouquets.  Next time you visit the florist, try and find me… I’d love to meet you!

  • Persian buttercups come in a wide range of colors including yellow, white, orange, pink, red, and coral
  • You should be able to get Ranunculus year-round from reputable florists
  • Persian buttercups make great cut flowers, lasting at least five days if given cut flower preservative and fresh water every day
  • The plants are also poisonous to humans, so don’t eat any part of the plant

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