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Wedding Flowers: Hello, my name is Ranunculus

“rah-NUN-kew-lus”?  That’s right.  That’s my name.  Hey, I can’t help it if my name doesn’t do my beautiful flowers justice.  They are deeply hued with numerous petals that make my flowers look almost fake.  I belong to the buttercup family and I’m more commonly called Persian buttercup, after one of the countries that I’m native
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Wedding Flowers: Hello, my name is Gerbera

Nice to meet you, too.  My name is Gerbera daisy but Gerbera jamesonii is my full name.  You’ve probably met other flowers from my family… sunflowers, daisies, or asters.  I am originally from South Africa, but you can find my siblings and I just about everywhere these days.  And though we look a lot alike,
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Wedding Flowers: Hello, my name is Xerophyllum

This month, I would like to introduce you to a plant that is deceiving.  Well, at least its common name is.  Xerophyllum tenax, commonly called bear grass, is actually not a grass at all; in fact, it’s part of the lily family.  This is a really neat plant whose leaves are traditionally used by Native
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