Wedding Day Suiting: Part 1

groom trends logoOkay, gents, today we chat suits.  Come your big day, all eyes will likely be on your gorgeous bride and her gown, but her eyes will certainly be on you.  No matter how hands off you’re being throughout the rest of the planning, do your research and give it your all when it comes to selecting wedding day attire for yourself and your groomsmen.  You deserve to look just as dapper as your bride does stunning.  And ladies love a well-dressed man.

suit colors for mens wedding day attire

Whether you’re going with a classic, modern, or slim fit, the color of your suit is basically the most important factor to consider for your big day.  In determining which color to wear, consider the season, time of day, style/theme of your wedding.  Typically, for weddings planned in the cooler months, and for those in the evening, darker colors will be worn.  Spring and summer weddings with a casual feel, will be nicely complimented with lighter suits.  Of course, depending on the theme of your wedding, you may choose a patterned jacket, a contrasting pants/jacket duo, or a different look altogether (we’ll get into those details later).

suit lapel illustration - notched, peaked, shawl - men's wedding day attire

Aside from the texture and color of your suit, the lapel is the most distinguishable aspect.  If you and your groomsmen are all wearing the same suit, your lapel may not matter to you; however, if you plan to wear a different suit, or are allowing the guys to pick their own, you might want to keep the lapel style consistent.

  • Notched – This is actually pretty standard among modern suits, though the size of the notch can vary some.
  • Peaked – This style is more formal and more commonly popular on tuxedos and double-breasted suits.
  • Shawl – The continuous curve of this lapel is most often found on dinner jackets, originally being incorporated into less formal evening wear.

Other details to consider…

  • Vests – A vest adds a polished look to a suit and looks good once the jacket comes off at the reception.  Use vests to interject color, pattern, or texture among all of your guys or to differentiate yourself.
  • Vents – Jackets will feature one of three types of vents, or slits, that allow convenience in mobility.
  • Buttons – I found this great article on The Art of Manliness that delves into the many suit button options.  Two-button suits are the most popular for modern grooms, but there are other options.
  • Pleats – We’ve talked a lot about jackets, but pants are important too.  Pleats are the most noticeable detail of trousers and a feature a lot of men have a either a love or hate relationship with.  Flat fronts are the modern alternative.

Happy suit shopping, fellas.  Next month we’ll cover some additional details to jazz up your wedding day wardrobe.

Images: J. Crew suits from left to right – black, charcoal, gray, khaki, wheat, stone.  Lapel illustration adapted from Wikipedia.

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