How to Save Money on Your Wedding Attire

Weddings are expensive enough without spending hundreds of dollars on the attire for each member of the wedding party. Especially since this is the only time they might wear it. Here are a few tips to keep the cost down.

First of all, try to get all the attire from one location. Many dress shops now rent/sell tuxedos as well. If you agree to get everything from one location, you will often receive some sort of discount. If you simply can not get everything at one place for some reason, then try to get all the dresses from one store and all the tuxedos from another. Most tux shops will offer the groom’s tux for free with the rental of a certain number. Similarly, a lot of dress shops now will give a discount on the bride’s gown if you agree to get all the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses from the same place.

Do not be afraid to shop the clearance racks. Many bridal shops have sales throughout the year. Go to them. You will be amazed by how much you can save. Depending on how many bridesmaids you have, you may not be able to find the same dress in every size you need, but you can always get a few different dresses in the same shade.

Do not go all out on tuxedos. Most of them, for the most part, look pretty much the same in a romantically lit sanctuary or reception hall. If you have a choice between two that look close, the only difference being the price, go with the less expensive option. Most people rent tuxes for a wedding, so why spend more money than you have to. A more practical route than tuxedos is sprouting up and becoming ever more popular. Get your groomsmen fitted for a nice tailored suit, instead of a tuxedo. You can shop the sales and clearance racks and normally, for about the same price as renting a tux, your groomsmen will have a sharp-looking suit they can wear again.

For jewelry, if you are going to go with real gemstones, again make sure you shop the sales. Crystals instead of gemstones is an even less expensive alternative. You can usually find sales on crystal jewelry around the time of high school formals. Remember to get something that the bridesmaids will wear again. You do not want to spend an excessive amount of money on something they will only wear once.

When looking for the flower girl dress, again shop the sales, and remember you do not have to get an actual flower girl dress. You can usually find beautiful dresses around Easter that would be suitable for a spring/summer wedding. For a fall/winter wedding, if you have enough preparation time or you are getting married after the first of the year, some of the best sales happen after Christmas. Most department stores usually sell some sort of dress that would be appropriate for this purpose. Again, keep in mind that this is probably going to be the only time she will wear the dress, as they tend to grow out of them pretty quickly at that age.

Lastly, do not misunderstand our meaning when we advise you to shop clearance racks and sales. You are looking for cheap prices, not cheap merchandise. They do not always go hand in hand. Saving money on the same dress or suit you would have spent more money on had you not shopped a sale, is not being cheap, it’s actually pretty smart. For instance, The American Wedding carries some “cheap” wedding invitations that are still as high in quality as other items we sell, they simply cost us less to manufacture.

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