Wedding Day Must Haves

Treat your wedding day like you are not going to survive through it all and make a list of things you need and put someone in charge of the items. This is where your bridesmaids come in, well that and a large purse that would rival any tackle box. Make woodsmen and other survivalists proud with what you have in there.

What’s the one thing that will make your wedding day complete?

Here are some standard typical items that are among the most important:

Reliable transportation: Whether you have a limo picking you up, or have a friend or family member taking you to the ceremony and reception, always double check and then check again that they will be there on time and with a reliable means of getting you there. It will take a load off your mind.

Makeup: Although you have applied your makeup beforehand, always keep a little kit for touch ups just before the ceremony and throughout the day or evening. This includes concealer, powders, blush, mascara, and lipstick.

Remember, you want to stay picture perfect.

Hairspray: Buy as small travel size bottle of hairspray and keep it with your makeup. Whether you have an up-do or are wearing your hair down, you have to remember that it is going to be a long day or evening. Your hair is bound to get a bit messed up. A simple squirt of hairspray here and there will keep your hair looking fresh the entire time.

Hand-held steamer: A hand held steamer is great for right before the ceremony or right before you get out your wedding gown. Not only will it get out last-minute wrinkles, but it is perfect for annoying water stains that are bound to happen.

Tissues: Tissues are good to have on hand for many reasons. Use them for wiping away those tears of happiness, but also for blotting your face to keep yourself from looking sweaty. They are also practical to use for excess sweat, especially under the arms.

Baby powder:  Having baby powder on hand goes back to the sweat issue. It is a super way to feel fresh and smell great at the same time. Keep it in the bathroom of the reception and apply as needed as you dance the night away!

Q-tips: Q-tips are a key staple to have in case of stains. You DO NOT want rub your wedding gown with other fabrics that may make the stain set in even further. Simply use club soda and the q-tip to dab away the stain gently. Never rub the spot!

Water: Stay hydrated! With all the commotion you need to make sure your body is replenished. 

Must-Have Poses for Your Wedding Day 

Photography is the best way to preserve your favorite memories of the day. Once you’ve booked your wedding photographer, it’s important to plan ahead on the types of poses you want taken. It may help to compile a list of your favorite poses and discuss them with your photographer beforehand. To help get you started, here is a list of the most popular photography poses you can use for your wedding day.

Preparing for the Day

-Wedding dress hanging by itself
-Bridesmaids helping the bride into her dress
-Bride applying the finishing touches to her makeup
-Bride putting her veil on

The Ceremony

-Parents and grandparents of the bride and groom being seated
-Groom waiting at the altar
-Bridesmaids and flower girl(s) walking down the aisle
-Bride and her father walking down the aisle
-Bride joining groom at the altar
-Entire wedding party at the altar
-The exchange of vows/rings
-The wedding kiss
-Bride and groom walking up the aisle
-All family combination shots

The Reception

-Bride and groom entering the reception room
-Receiving line shots
-Any/all other toasts
-The head table
-Bride and groom’s first dance
-The cake table
-Bride and groom cutting the cake/ feeding each other first slice
-Bouquet toss
-Garter toss
-Guests dancing
-A shot of bride and groom with their guests
-Bride and groom leaving in the getaway vehicle