50’s Style Wedding

We’ve seen it happen before. What was once old is now new again. Lately we have watched late 50’s early 60’s style sweep across our world.

From fashion magazines, television shows and even in home design. The style of this era is back and with a bit of a bold modern bite to it.

Everyone knows that hair fasteners came back in to view a few years back. From large flowers or feathers clipped into the hair, to headbands featuring a large yet, simple not gaudy rhinestone. Even the ever chic pillbox hat re-debuted as a subtle and attractive alternative to a lengthy veil.

But, the trend didn’t just stop at the top, oh no, this era’s look is invading all aspects of our lives. And once a decade-trend becomes popular again, it is only a matter of time before it creeps into wedding style.

Consider the ever-growing line up of short wedding gowns. From bodice hugging a-lines to ultra short  dresses with long bell sleeves, to pleated numbers that meet at the ankle with a skirt full of tulle! These cuts are so 50 years ago and on the same note, so now.

Your shoes? Well, as we all know shoe styles change often. Opt for patent leather and or peep toes. These two trends were big hits back then and still are. If you choose the peep toes, make sure to have a deep red polish on those tootsies to complete the look!

Other minor additions to help tie this clothing theme together are a pair of wrist-length gloves and selecting old-fashion hosiery, (for the daring bride choose the style with a seam up the back). Want to really wow them, dress each maid in a different pastel dress of the same style.

For the gentlemen a very well fitted suit is in order unless of course you are opting for a more traditional tuxedo. The fit is a large aspect of making this look more vintage. 50 plus years ago almost all men owned at least one suit and wore it often. The pride men took in their appearance was a bit, shall we say different, from now. With that pride meant wearing a well-made and well-tailored suit.

If you would like to complete the look with your gentlemen, have them wear black leather ankle boots instead of a typical dress shoe. Think The Beatles 1964, just be sure they don’t have too much of a heel.

When it comes to hair and make up the 50’s and 60’s really played up your features more than we do now. Lots of lashes and bright red lips were in style. Seem a little too much for you? Take a nod from the current style and pick one feature to really play up. Just go for something a bit more over the top than you normally would.

When it comes to your hair there are about a million different vintage inspired hairstyles out there. Scour the internet or your grandmother’s photo albums and take photos with you to your beautician. Discuss with her what you like and ask her questions on what your hair will and will not do. Be realistic and don’t forget to mention any veils, or other accessories you will want to wear.

When choosing your color palette for a 50’s inspired wedding, there are a few choices to pick from. Pastels were a huge hit back then so any color with the word soft in it would be a good choice. Along with slightly bold color combinations. A popular combo from then, aqua and fire-engine red.

When selecting wedding invitations think simple. From elegantly embossed cards to the sleek less-is- more folded invitations. Select a type style that looks either like handwriting or like a type-writer. Be sure to address them by hand. Not only are address labels a faux pas, they really won’t appear vintage. If you really want to impress, look into purchasing old stamps to mail them out in.

What will you carry down the aisle? Tried and true roses are always in fashion, select a color that is natural and unless absolutely impossible, select real flowers. Peonies are another excellent choice they also come in several shades of pink, a favorite vintage color.

For favors think food! Boxes of Cracker Jack, mini gumball machines, old fashioned penny candy inside small bags, candles inside teacups and of course you can never go wrong with a small package of Jordan almonds. A quick search on the internet will definitely get your creative juices flowing.

Dinner ideas are bountiful. However, the idea of serving comfort food is a great option whether you decide to have the meal served or by buffet. The selection of comfort food is also likely to be an inexpensive choice as well. If you choose to have a sit down dinner, discuss with your caterer how versed they are in those kitschy old-fashioned hors d’oeuvres.

For cake, well we like going all out with the several tiers on three different stands. Complete the look with stair cases and miniature plastic bridesmaids and groomsmen. Too much for you? How about several different dessert choices with just one small cake for you and the bridal party. Adorn the top with a vintage cake topper, maybe borrowed from your grandparents?

Last but, not least do not forget about your getaway in a vintage car. Ask friends and family if any of them know someone or maybe even have an older car themselves. Your dad’s friends are probably great people to ask. They will typically know of someone who can help out. Negotiating a price will hopefully be an easy task as most people who restore classic cars wish to show them off any chance they can. And hey, it’s not like you’ll be driving it!