The Best Mod Wedding Invitations

If your wedding theme has you in black eyeliner, nude lipstick, and a mini wedding dress, and you’re arriving on a vintage Vespa, you might just be mod. A lifestyle epitomized by British youth in the 1960s, the mod subculture has been occasionally re-adopted by admirers of the aesthetic and scene. Even if you’re not known for your vintage jazz collection and Jackie O sunglasses, you can still get inspired by groovy mod wedding invitations!

Mod is easily tangled up with Mondrian thanks to certain sixties designers, so take a cue from his Composition With Yellow, Blue, and Red and go with custom wedding invitations in those daring primary shades. Try 3-Layer Wedding Invitations with a top layer of white, red ink, and backing layers in Navy Linen and Sunshine Yellow, slipped into a red envelope.