A Groom Shower?

Setting up a household takes more than kitchen ware, linens and decorative items.  Tools are necessary to keep any home up and running.  But when was the last time a bride opened a hammer as a shower gift and was happy about it?

Why not start a tradition in your area by hosting a “Boy Toys” party for the groom?  It would be an ideal event for the best man to host this “groom shower” and invite the groom’s wedding party and other male relatives and friends.

Start by sending postcard invitations to everyone on your guest list and include that this is a party to fill “the groom’s tool box.”  Small hand tools are perfect gifts for this type of “shower.”  This can include hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, cordless drill, stud finder, socket sets, tool belt, small levels, tape measure, various sizes of nails and screws, a small organizer, flashlights, batteries, clamps, wood glue and anything else similar to these.  Gift certificates to a home improvement store would be another option.

If the groom has a passion for a particular sport, consider including items that pertain to that as well.  For instance, if he enjoys golf, purchase a small cooler filled with golf balls, golf towels and tees or get him a gift certificate to the local pro shop.

The food could be as simple as a deli buffet.  Most supermarkets have deli meat and cheese trays available for your convenience.  Buy several types of bread or rolls, as well as sandwich spreads.  Add a platter of sliced pickles, juicy tomato slices and crisp lettuce to the table.  Be sure to have plenty of cold beer available too.

You may run into some resistance to the idea of a guy shower but in the end, you will have honored your friend with some much needed items as well as a great party.  Be brave; do something different.

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