Tuxedo or Suit: Planning the Groom’s Attire

Most grooms and groomsmen will be required by the bride to wear either a tuxedo or a suit for the wedding day.

In the case of a suit, many men already own a suit or two and some men even own a tuxedo as well. While, it may seem logical to you to wear one you already own, consider this, the bride spends years pining away for her one dream dress. So why not take the opportunity to be the dapper prince charming she’s always dreamed of meeting at the end of the aisle.

However, if your social circle has little to no black tie events it may come as a bit of question to you as to what exactly is going to take place at the tuxedo shop.

Pricing- Prices for both can vary wildly for different parts of the country. Not to mention the fact that like wedding gowns, there are many styles, fabrics and designers to choose from.

Seek Reviews- Before you decide which shops to visit, go online and check the stores reviews. Make sure that the shops you first had in mind will be appropriate considering your budget.  Read the reviews carefully for hints that the store carries up to date styles. Also read through for clues that the staff is knowledgeable about the products they carry, this is particularly important if you are bringing your bride along who will likely have many questions for the retailer.

Things to Consider- Once you have chosen your destination(s) grab your bride, your best man and head out to your local tuxedo shop. Once you arrive ask to flip through their catalogs. This way you can point out styles that you all agree upon. Take into consideration the gowns the bride and maids are wearing. The style of the wedding, the colors and the décor will also all take part in your decision making.

Review Samples- Luckily, many shops will have swatches of the material in which the suits or tux’s can be done in. This way you can feel all of the different options you have available to you.  Just like the bride doesn’t want to be stuck wearing a gown she cannot move in well, you also do not want to be itching all night either. Keep in mind you will likely be wearing your ensemble for the better part of the day.

Accommodating Service- The staff will bring out different coats for you to try on. They will ask you how things fit and feel. What type of lapels you prefer, length, and even quantity of buttons.

You will also try on pants and be measured for both your pants and jacket once they are chosen. The staff will discuss the type and shade of undershirt that you will like.

Accessories- Then comes the fun part, selecting the accessories such as ties, vests, suspenders and cummerbunds.  Luckily for you, you have brought your bride she likely has already made many of these decisions for you. However, that doesn’t mean she will be completely sold on the idea once she sees how you look. Also, in most instances she does want your input however this is your day too.

Place Your Order- Once you have made all of your fabulous decisions, the order will be placed and typically will be available for pick up anywhere from a week to two business days prior to the wedding. The sooner the better particularly if you have chosen to rent. It is possible the size they sent to you is incorrect and if they have to re-submit the order there could be a few days waiting period for the right size to come in.