Save on Wedding Accessories – Part 1

Shopping at a discount bridal shop can save you lots of money on your wedding dress. It may seem that since you are saving so much on your wedding dress there that it is a great place for one stop wedding attire shopping. This may not be the case. Many brides have watched the cost of their accessories and smaller attire pieces total more than their dress. Avoid the trap of convenience and thinking that just because a store is the cheapest place to get one item it must have the best prices on everything. Here are some tips on saving your budget from the high prices of wedding accessories.

Save on your wedding shoes– All bridal shops have beautiful displays of jeweled white satin shoes that are meant to wow you and make you stop in your tracks. The price can be double what you would pay for a similar shoe if it were not for your wedding. Shop regular shoe stores in the spring when they will have white dress shoes or try silver shoes for a little bit of sparkle. Keep in mind that if your dress is floor length your shoes will be hidden most of the day and your guests will only see them for brief glimpses. Choose shoes that are comfortable so that you will not be hobbling down the aisle and give your bridesmaids that same courtesy. You are more likely to wear comfortable shoes again as well making the money you do spend worth the investment. Can’t see yourself wearing white or silver shoes again? Try a really dressed up pair of silver flip flops t save yourself the money or get a pair of dye-able shoes. You can have them dyed a different color later. You can even get these shoes dyed blue for your ceremony to be your "something blue". Dye-able shoes are available at discount shoe stores as well in basic styles. Add some clip on shoe jewelry to add glam to a shoe with a plain style for your wedding day.

Save on your veil and headpieces– Many bridal shops put their most elaborate and therefore most expensive pieces on display so the first thing you can do is ask if they stock any more budget friendly pieces in the back. Many stores have lower priced pieces but would rather sell the ones with a higher profit margin. Rather than lose the sale altogether they may bring you a few more inexpensive pieces for you to consider. Craft stores sell inexpensive starter kits to make your own headpiece and veil and you can add extra embellishments if you wish creating a one of a kind set that only you will ever wear.


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