Custom Wedding Invitations Without Breaking the Bank!

No matter what your wedding budget, you are probably looking for ways to save money without sacrificing your dream wedding. Today we are flooded with do it yourself wedding projects and a million and one ways to save money in planning our weddings. It is tempting to try to do them all and save a fortune, but the reality is that there usually isn’t enough time in the day.  We really have to pick and choose what projects we take on ourselves and which ones we leave to the pros.

Sometimes you can leave things to the professionals AND save money!  Many brides will try to save money by creating their own invitations.  This allows for a customized wedding invitation, but may be more expensive than you may think.  The cost of supplies to create wedding invitations can quickly add to your budget.  Also, the time it takes to create your own wedding invitations can add strain to your schedule that is probably already packed with other wedding preparations.

Custom wedding invitations can be cheap and much easier than you think. American Wedding allows you to customize all aspects of your wedding invitations. From color to cut and from layered invitations to blooms and single folds, a custom wedding invitation that is uniquely you are just a few clicks away.

You can choose a beautiful design that fits your style like Vanessa 2-Layer Wedding Invitations or Annie Wedding Invitations choose your colors and enter the information for your wedding and presto! A unique wedding invitation is on its way to your wedding guests.

If selecting custom colors for your invitation paper and inks isn’t the unique wedding invitation that you had in mind, you can take it a step further. American Wedding offers so many mix and match elements to help you create the perfect wedding invitation without all of the hassle of measuring and cutting paper and trying to get things just right before you send out your wedding invitations. Combine a single panel invitation with a pocket in a contrasting color for a classy invitation. Mix and match layers in contrasting colors to create a wedding invitation that stands out. The sky is the limit to the possibilities when creating your wedding invitations with American Wedding.

American Wedding has wedding invitations starting at $ .90 each! So now you can enjoy fully customized wedding invitations without the hassle of making them yourself and with a price tag that fits every wedding budget.