Pampering the Bride

Planning a wedding can be very stressful.  There are some simple ways for a bride to relax and pamper herself, or be pampered, that make things seem just a little less hectic.

Spa Day Bachelorette “Party” It is becoming more and more popular for the women in the bachelorette party to skip a night out in favor of a day at the spa. This can be a great way for a bride to unwind after months of planning.  When money is an issue or a day is needed before it is time for the bachelorette party, an at home spa day is another great option.  Get the girls together for nail painting, facials and gossip. Serve a few snacks, watch a great movie while soaking feet and wearing face masks.

Manicure and Pedicure – A simple manicure and pedicure can be a great way to perk up.  This can be done at a nail shop or at home.  If done at home, pull out all the stops.  Scrub your feet, push your cuticles and really take your time polishing the nails.

A Weekend Away – Who couldn’t use a weekend away now and then?  A trip to a small hotel near some museums, a bed and breakfast, a weekend at the shore and so many other mini trips can be worked into the schedule with no wedding talk allowed.

A Weekend “Off” – A weekend away doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget.  When it isn’t possible a weekend off the grid can be just as beneficial.  Don’t check your email.  Turn down the phone ringers.  Stock up on books or video games.  Don’t cook.  Buy easy to prepare fresh foods or get takeout. Don’t do laundry or clean the bathrooms.  The house will not fall apart and things will not go to chaos without you.  It can also be a great couples bonding experience, even if one of you is playing video games and the other is snuggled close reading a book.

A New Outfit – Buy a new outfit head to toe. Undergarments, shoes and accessories included. There is nothing like the feeling of being dressed in a brand new coordinating outfit.  If funds are an issue, try getting most of the pieces at a consignment shop or just buying accessories to spruce up your favorite outfit.  The point is to look and feel good and brand new.

A Makeover – If you are planning to use a makeup counter for your wedding makeup you know for a small purchase you can get a full face makeover including cleansing and application tips.  Try buying something you would normally see as not needed or extra as your purchase.  Buy that great cleanser instead of using an inexpensive face wash.  Buy that lipstick that makes you look fabulous instead of blending those two colors you got at the drugstore.

A Day at Mom’s, or Grand-Moms – If you are close to your family, go home for a day.  Have a meal with family, watch TV.  Just remember and enjoy a time before you had all the pressures of life and wedding planning on your plate.

An Already Married Splurge – Buy address labels or stationery with your married name.  By a wall plaque that says your new married name or the stencils to paint the mailbox a bit early. Just give yourself a happy reminder of the end result of all the stress and planning. It is a great mood booster.

Flowers – They can be picked from the garden or be a cheap grocery store bouquet.  Set up a vase and replace the flowers each time they wilt.  Take the time to enjoy trimming the stems properly (at an angle under water usually) and finding the perfect place for the vase.  Maybe leave it on your desk one week and move it to the bedroom end table the next.

Taking a few minutes or day to relax and forget stress can be crucial in wedding planning.  Don’t forget to work it into the schedule.

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