Monochromatic Wedding Inspirations

Brides and grooms pour over color swatches and read countless articles to decide exactly which shades of their desired colors complement each other best when choosing wedding colors. Pinks and greens, blues and yellows, the color combinations are seemingly endless.  A monochromatic color scheme is nearly never seen. Using a monochromatic scheme even in just key areas of a wedding ceremony and reception can help create a unique, memorable and beautiful look and atmosphere.

It’s All In the Textures

The key to properly implementing a monochromatic (or nearly so) color scheme is to vary the textures rather than the colors. Soft silky flowers, grainy sand, smooth ceramic containers and jagged crystal hard candies all in the same color add the variety needed to create an impressive display. Vary flower types in bouquets but keep them all the same color. Shades will of course vary.

Color Accents

For an afternoon party, try a white scheme with a few very pale and varying shades of yellow.  Try to let the colors flow with each other rather than using one to accent the other.  An evening reception may use all shades of silver and gray. Satiny silver table cloths, gray napkins with a touch of white embroidery and classic silverware and silver chargers. Matte white wedding invitations with pearlized white accents can set the stage for a monochromatic wedding.

Be sure to use several shades of the chosen color and only one or two shades of any other color being included. The added color should be very close to the original color that has been chosen. Any accents of other colors should be limited to one accent per table or table sized area.  Keep in mind the accent will be a pop of color so be sure it is unique and well placed.

Get an Idea

A great way to try out this idea without spending a fortune on fabric samples is to order card stock in various shades of a few colors. To get different textures use crayons and colored pencils in similar colors to create false textures.  Also make cutouts in the card stock to add the illusion of texture.  The cutout pieces can be used sprinkled on a piece of card stock in a different shade to give another perspective.

A monochromatic color scheme is unconventional, nontraditional and so unexpected it leaves guests breathless from the effects. Pull out those swatches and start dreaming.