Cupcake Tower Ideas

Cupcake towers are becoming more and more popular for weddings.  They are often a cost saving choice for brides and grooms on a budget and allow the bride and groom to offer something for everyone. Also for couples who are opting to do it themselves rather than pay a professional, an error simply means eating or trashing one cupcake rather than an entire cake.

Here are some options for a cupcake tower that will have the wedding guests raving for months!

Go Classic – Choose white cake, white icing and floral or silver accents for the cupcakes to mimic mini wedding cakes and tiers for a classic look on a budget.

Play Up the Theme – A tropical themed wedding can include a variety of cupcakes.  Mango and pineapple flavors with all types of icing can really tie things together and with all the variety there will be something for everyone.  A garden wedding can feature cupcakes decorated to look like all different flowers or the flowers used to decorate the grounds.

Use One Tier of Cake – A growing trend is to use cake for the top tier of the cupcake tower.  This way there is something to cut for the bride and groom or something for them to save for their first anniversary. Be sure to have the cupcakes decorated in a way that will match or complement the cake for a finished look.

Mix Up the Trays – Basic cupcake towers have trays that stack and get smaller as you reach the top.  There is so much available now that there are other options.  Some cupcake towers allow multiple trays at one level or look like branches of cupcakes coming off a tree of cupcakes.  The trays should be one of the first things chosen to help create a look that the bride and groom love. Think outside the box and consider not so basic tiers.

Mix Up the Shapes – Cupcakes don’t have to be baked in traditional shapes.  They can be baked into hearts or mini cakes in themed shapes anything can be used.  Try stars for an evening wedding or pumpkins for the fall.

Decorate It Like a Cake – Use a cake topper and flowers on the tiers just like decorating a wedding cake for a finished and thought out look.

Cupcake towers are sure to be a hit with guests.  Get creative and push the limits.  It is a fairly new tradition, so now is the time to set the trends instead of following them.

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