Candy Table Checklist

Candy buffets are obviously here to stay. The setup of a candy buffet for a wedding has more steps than you might think.  Here is a basic guide and some things to consider when brainstorming to design a wedding reception candy buffet.

Get the Right Amount of Candy

A candy buffet should have about six to eight ounces of candy per guest. As with most things it is better to have too much than too little.  A candy buffet should look substantial, a true buffet of choices for the eyes and palate.

Budget Early

A candy buffet is a significant investment and should be treated as such.  It is not easily planned into a budget as an afterthought.  Candy can be expensive as can the containers, utensils and other items used in creating a candy buffet.

Choose the Right Containers

It is a nice thought to want to serve the candy in all crystal dishes or pricy apothecary jars. Containers can be purchased at thrift stores, yard sales, from bridal forums or from craft stores. Shop sales and look for bargains that fit the intended vision for the wedding candy buffet. Containers should have wide openings so it is easy for guests to remove candy with the provided scoops and tongs.  An opening to the jar can be too small, but can seldom be too big.

Provide Scoops and Tongs

If the candy is wrapped, it can be tempting to skip this step.  Using scoops and tongs will help regulate the amount of candy being taken and will add to the overall look and feel of the candy buffet. Don’t skip this step to save money.  Shop kitchen store sales, discount stores, online forums and sale sites and even yard sales and thrift stores to save money if necessary.

Help Guests Get the Candy Home

Be sure to provide bags or containers.  Enough to have one for each guest and some extras should do it. Be sure to provide twist ties, stickers or another way to keep containers closed if necessary. Remember that guests will be transporting the candy and the container or bag may get jostled around so take that into account when choosing the containers and a way to seal them.

Theme and Color Decisions

Think of the candy as a decoration first and a treat as an afterthought.  Sure candy that tastes good and variety is important.  But the first thing guests will see is the presentation.  Candy in wrappers should be chosen for the ability to work the wrappers into the intended theme and design. Some couples choose monochromatic wedding candy buffets.  Other couples go with a theme from holidays to nostalgia to a sports team.  The best way to brainstorm for ideas for a wedding candy buffet is to search images online.  Bridal forums and sites will have plenty of photos both from wedding planners and real brides who have created candy buffets.  A few unique candies with presence can create a great focal point.  Flowers and decorations fitting the theme can also be used but should not overwhelm the main attraction.

Allot for Allergies

It may be tempting to stick with all chocolate, or all nuts.  Be sure to allot for the fact that some guests may have allergies or simply dislike that one particular item.

Other Snacks

A candy bar doesn’t have to be just candy. Chocolate covered raisins and pretzels, nuts, pastries and other items can be used to fill out the table.

Location, Location, Location

Be sure to place the candy buffet where it will be easily accessed by a few guests at a time and out of the way of the dance floor.  Near the cake or dessert table may be a good choice. Know where the candy buffet will be before wedding setup begins.  It should not be an afterthought.

Know the Shape

Knowing the shape of the table will be important when planning design and decorations for the wedding candy buffet.  A round table plan will not work well on a rectangular table and vice versa.  Be sure to discuss and specify the table shape with the reception hall and setup crew. If the hall or crew will be setting up the candy buffet be sure to provide them with sketches, instructions and if possible pictures to make your vision as clear as possible.

Shop Sales

Most candy will keep well if stored in the appropriate conditions.  Most candies require a cool, dry storage area but be sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or distributor.  With this in mind, candy can be purchased in advance at sales.  Couples looking for red and pink candies can shop after the Valentine’s Day before the wedding.  For autumn colored candies shop after Halloween.  This can often save a couple about 50 percent off the regular price of the candy.

Planning is important for all parts of a wedding and the candy buffet should be no exception. A little bit of planning can go a long way to creating a gorgeous eye catching candy buffet that will have guests talking for weeks.

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