Bridal Shower Game Ideas – Part 1

We love to hate them — the bridal shower games. Okay, so some of the games may be a little bit embarrassing and goofy but you can make them fun. Besides you are there for the bride anyway so go ahead and try to have a good time being silly. As the host, try to keep the games updated and fresh so that if any of your guests arrive with the thought in their heads that this is just another bridal shower with the same old games you can prove them wrong!

We’ve got a compiled list for you below with a few new games and some updated classics.

Apron Game

Have each guest bring a new unwrapped kitchen utensil. Take the utensil’s and attach to the apron have the bride walk around the room modeling the apron for around two minutes. Make sure you inform the guests to pay attention to the apron. Then have the bride leave the room for a few minutes and instruct the guests to jot down everything they can remember her wearing. Whoever gets the most right, wins! The bride gets to keep the apron and all the utensils!

How well do you know the bride.

Pass out numbered sheets of paper and ask about ten questions about the bride. Some included about she and the groom. Be sure to not make them overly easy but not too tough either. Of course her mother and sisters will now her birth month and probably her favorite food so throw in some toughies for good measure. Whoever gets the most right of course, wins! Sample Questions could be:

How old was the bride when she met her groom? What is the bride and grooms favorite place to eat? What is the bride’s favorite place to shop? What is the bride’s favorite book?

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