Your Wedding: The Ultimate Outdoor Occasion

Outdoor weddings are increasingly popular, naturally beautiful occasions! Of course if you follow the outdoor trend, you’ll need invitations and other accessories to match!

In 2007, 35% of couples chose to get married outdoors. Some popular ceremony sites included gardens or parks (10%), yards at the homes of family or friends (5%), lakefronts (2%) and beaches (7%). Naturally dramatic backdrops like flower gardens, wide green lawns, changing leaves, the ocean, mountains, etc. make for naturally memorable ceremonies and receptions.

Couples who choose to celebrate outdoors generally need to put additional thought into all the little details. Decorations, seating, food and drink, photography, and even the wedding dress need to consider (and ultimately complement) the natural setting. Outdoor weddings also afford additional creative options like the ability to include your pet(s) in the ceremony, holding both the ceremony and reception in the same location, and dancing under the stars!

Of course if you follow the outdoor trend, you’ll need invitations to match! Why not go all the way with invitations that tout the unmatched beauty of your naturally dramatic location? Here are just a few great options, no matter which outdoor setting you select:

Organic-inspired, green Invitations hint that you’ll be married under the shade of beautiful, tall trees.

As effortlessly elegant as an ocean sunset, the 5 x 7 v-flap folio wedding invitation in soothing Bronze and Metallic Mint sets a deliciously dreamy mood for your special day in the sand.

Want to let your guests know they’ll be outside at sunset? Our 6 x 6 vertical folio wedding invitation in Bronze and Jupiter are as welcoming and warm as the sun itself.

If you don’t find an invitation to match your outdoor wedding occasion, create your own nature-inspired invites from our wide invitation of paper colors, type styles, and more!

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