Trash Your Wedding Dress?

If you haven’t heard of ‘trashing your dress” after the big day, here’s the skinny on it. “It is about creation, not destruction . . .” – that’s the motto of the website devoted to the growing trend of shooting artistic photos of brides “trashing” their wedding dresses. Mark Eric, a photographer from New Orleans was inspired by Las Vegas based photographer John Michael Cooper – who supposedly started the trend (where else but Vegas, baby!). It has been a hit in larger cities, and seems to be slowly finding its way to less urban areas.

Here are some photos from Raleigh, NC based photographers, Azul Photography – (one of our favorites for their journalistic style!).

So really – what are you going to do with that dress anyway? Put it in your closet to collect dust for the next 30 years (like me)? Sell it on ebay? And the trend isn’t just for the newly married – what better way to show your husband of say, 5 or 10 years that he is still the only one by squeezing into your dress and having some creative shots taken? Now – THAT’S an anniversary gift!!

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