Top Ten Wedding Invitation Trends for 2008

Our Design Team generates more than just a few wedding invitations for our customer base, giving us a great vantage point to observe wedding invitation trends. Here’s a top ten list of wedding invitation trends/request for 2008 as we see them, in no particular order.

1. Use of Color

More and more couples are experimenting with bold, rich colors in their wedding invites. One way people are using color in their invitations is to match or complement the other decorations or themes in their wedding, such as their flowers or bridesmaids dresses. Don’t be afraid to be bold, especially if that matches your personality!

2. Motifs and Graphic Themes

Who says your invitation has to be just a bunch of words? Many couples incorporate a graphic motif to match the season, such as a flower for a spring wedding or a pine cone for a fall wedding. What’s the difference between motifs and themes? Motifs are generally one graphic or decorative element, where as themes are typically created from multiple motifs butterflies + bees + toile pattern. Themes can also be created from breaking down a single motif into many parts – a blossoming branch = blossom + leaves + branches, which can be used collectively or separately throughout the design. Graphics can lend sentiment and character that your invitation would otherwise be missing. For example, if you met your fiance in a charming southern town while the magnolias were in bloom, perhaps a magnolia blossom would be the perfect theme for your wedding invitation. And our talented Design Team can add those custom touches to your invitation, tweaking your theme so that your invitation represents who you are, from bold and noticeable to simple and classic.

3. Pockets

The popularity of pocket invitations is really becoming an established trend. In fact, our line of pocket invitations is by far the most popular on our site! These neat little packages that appeal to many brides because of a these key reasons.

  • Pockets eliminate the mess and clutter of those otherwise loose pieces that fall out of your envelope at random when your guests open your invitation. They keep all your accessory cards organized, and allow your invitation to be the primary focus of the package.
  • They are professionally designed and printed to coordinate with your wedding invitation. The alternative at-home printed accessory pieces rarely reflect the professional quality and cohesion, and can cheapen your invitation as a result. Brides have enough to stress about without having to worry about designing and printing matching driving directions, hotel accommodations, or map cards. That’s why more and more people are leaving it up to the pro’s by purchasing a pocket invite!
  • They are unique and impressive. Regardless of how popular our pocket invitations are, it’s still not everyday that you get an invitation like this in the mail!

4. Map and Direction Cards

In this information age, there’s no excuse to leave your guests guessing about where the reception is in relation to the ceremony – or how to get to the hotel you recommended and negotiated that special rate for! Sure, some people have access to GPS Navigation, but why not take this opportunity to provide key information about parking, give them the best or most scenic route, and to point out some of the other cool areas in town? In our experience, direction cards are nice, but maps are even better. Check out our inspiration gallery dedicated to wedding map and direction cards to see how others have tackled this issue. Don’t worry! You don’t have to draw the map! We just ask you a few questions, and then our Design Team illustrates the map for you – and it will coordinate perfectly with your invitation!

5. Coordinating Pieces (Save the Dates, Wedding Programs, etc.)

More and more couples are striving to be cohesive in their communication and presentation with their guests by carrying the same theme or style through all of their wedding stationery. It indicates that you put thought in to every aspect and detail of your wedding, and believe us, people notice!

You can take this as far as you want from save the dates to invitations to programs, and even on in to the placecards, menus, and thank you notes!

6. Full Service Packages

Let’s face it! As a society, we’re busier now than we’ve ever been. Some people find it a bit daunting to order their invitations, tie a bunch of ribbons/bows, address all the envelopes, find the right postage, stuff all the envelopes and seal them up, and finally to take them to the post office to be “hand canceled”. That’s why we’ve been offering more “complete service” packages to our customers. Of course we do the design and printing, but you can also elect to have your assembly completed, your envelopes addressed (in fonts and colors to match your invitations), and even have your invitations stuffed and mailed on your behalf. When you see your invitation, it’ll be when you get it in the mail. Whew! What a relief!

7. DIY and Partial DIY

Even in the light of our #6, there are always many creative and resourceful brides who just won’t be satisfied unless they design and/or put together their invitations themselves. But finding the right material (paper, ribbon, envelopes, etc.), printing, cutting, and assembling your invites is often far more difficult than even the most accomplished DIY‘ers expect and that’s why we’ve started to offer many of our own designs with a You Assemble or DIY Kit option. It gives our brides the comfort of knowing that the design, print, and materials will be handled professionally, but the labor of assembling your invitations onto the pocket or base paper can save a little on cost and provide the satisfaction of Doing It Yourself. Don’t worry, you can still work with us so that the design of your invitation still comes from you, but at least it will be executed professionally. For those die-hard DIY‘ers, we now offer many of our high quality papers, pockets, and adhesives in our Do It Yourself section. We will soon offer Ribbon by the Spool, and even Wedding Program Kits.

8. Crystals & Embellishments

An increasing number of brides are adding glamour and pizzazz to their invitations by incorporating embellishments such as swarovski crystals or rhinestone buckles. High-end embellishments like starfish and sandollars can quickly take an invitation from impressive to extraordinary. Be aware that when you add these sort of embellishments, you often move yourself out of the realm of envelopes and in to boxes to house your invitations. Imagine how your guests will feel when they receive your invitation gift box in the mail! It will be a invitation most difficult to turn down! Boxes are definitely the case for sandollars, starfish, and many other major 3 dimensional items. But some crystals, depending on size, quantity, and placement can still be mailed in an inner/outer envelope set. You can designate your invitation as non-machineable and ask the Post Office to hand cancel the envelopes to help cut down on the impact their system has on sensitive mailing materials.

9. Monograms & Logos

Create your own logo and brand your wedding. Many couples ask us to create a stylized version of their initials or wedding date, which is a neat way to create a recognizable mark that can be used throughout their wedding stationery. For a nominal fee, our design team can provide you with a graphic file of your logo so that you can use it on your aisle runner, cake, bar, and even your dance floor!

10. One of a Kind

Couples are invariably interested in making their wedding day one to remember for themselves, their family, and friends and that means offering unique experiences and memories for all. The wedding invitation is generally the first offering in that quest. If you send just another invitation you’re basically telling your guests this will be just another wedding. That’s why so many couples these days are in search of truly custom and unique wedding invitations.

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