High End Design meets Affordable Wedding Invitations

We sometimes have brides tell us that they are just “in love” with our products but that our wedding invitations are priced outside of their budget. So we ask, “What specifically about our invitations do you love?” , and normally it is a graphic that they have never seen anywhere else, or a combination or fonts, or some other element of the design that just perfectly fits their personality or event. In most cases, they may have seen this design on one of our layered, or pocket wedding invitations, which come complete with several accessories that may not be in a bride’s budget. We then explain that you can get the same “look” by applying the design they love to a less expensive wedding invitation. For example, our Grace wedding invitation is under $2/invite for a quantity of 100, with a heavy matte bottom layer, shimmer top layer and topped off with a Swiss satin ribbon.

With the economy a little sketchy right now, the Green Kangaroo Team definitely understands that brides are looking more than ever for ways to save. Like something that falls outside of your wedding budget? Don’t hesitate to ask us if there are ways to keep an upscale look without breaking the bank!

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