Bollywood-Inspired Wedding Invitations for an Indian Wedding

The key to a successful Indian wedding is wild excess – but if you’re having one yourself, we bet you already know that. Wild excess is difficult to achieve on a budget, though, and saving money where you can while still retaining that exuberant spirit can be a challenge. If you’re struggling for ideas on how to afford appropriately outrageous wedding invitations for your Indian wedding (or you just like the idea of wild wedding invitations no matter how the rest of your ceremony is playing out), check out these ideas.

If you’re looking for an easy way to bring festivity to your wedding invitations, take a cue from Bollywood style by adding in a healthy dose of bright gold. Gold Leaf Deep U-Flap Envelopes are an immediate indication that excitement is contained within. Have them addressed in sparkling fuchsia ink for an extra thrill, or even glue on tiny glittering jewels from your local craft store for true sparkle!

One of the keys to great Indian style is employing the layered look. Just like you’d wrap an elegant sari, so can you create visual excitement with your wedding invitations by having a multi-layered invitation filled with enclosure cards, all in varying shades. Choose different gradations of one principal color or go all out with a series of jewel tones like Amethyst, Azalea, Emerald, Lapis, and Ruby.

Fretful that your simple wedding invitations won’t stand up to the lavish nature of the rest of your ceremony? Get creative by adding DIY accents to your simple invites. Go crazy with a selection of ribbon, flowers, and craft store jewels or scraps of patterned sari silk or other Indian fabric cut into clever shapes. With a little ingenuity, your Indian wedding invitations can be just as impressive as your ceremony!

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