Go Glam with Crystal-Studded Wedding Invitations

When you’re looking for flash, ribbons and laces and flowers aren’t always going to do it, so bring out the big guns with the stick-on crystals of your choice. Start out with simple wedding invitations like the Square Panel Wedding Invitations, hit the craft store for a sack of petite stick-on or glue-on crystals of your choice, and get crafty!

If you’re choosing to bedazzle your wedding invitations, you would do well to favor subtlety over anything. Follow the example set on these 6×9 Gate Folio Pocket Wedding Invitations, accented with one simple crystal placed on the emblem at the top. When you’re embellishing with crystals, even one small crystal makes a big statement.

Color is key when you’re choosing how to decorate your wedding invitations with crystal; one can rarely go wrong with a simple white crystal on a solid-colored invitation. If you want to accent white wedding invitations with colored crystals, though, stick to simple, wedding-appropriate colors like dark red, navy blue, or deep green. Even if your wedding color scheme includes pink, you still might want to select the other color so your invitations don’t end up looking more junior high slumber party than wedding.

Want to embellish in a big way? We recommend keeping your wedding invitations extremely simple and adding a cluster of no more than seven or eight crystals as an accent. Whether you choose a pretty starburst or a sprinkle of sparkle in one corner, limiting yourself will keep your invites from looking too over-the-top.

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