5 Wedding Favors Guests Will Love

Wedding Flask

Have you ever come home from a wedding wondering what on earth you’re going to do with your wedding favor? Some brides and grooms may have spent a lot on their favors, but their guests just can’t seem to fit their gifts within their existing décor.

One of the main problems with wedding favors is that couples tend to pick things that they would enjoy, but not necessarily things their guests would. While it’s a nice gesture, guests would certainly appreciate a gift even more if they enjoyed using it or showing it off. If you want your guests to keep and use the favors you’ve purchased, then you’ll want to be realistic and simplistic when it comes to gifts.

Here are some suggestions for wedding favors that your guests will actually love:

1. Candles

Candles are great because everyone can use them, and they’ll be easy to transport home. Candles will go well with almost any décor, if they’re a neutral color, so try to pick one of your more neutral wedding colors and find colors in similar hues. A candle can also have a simple message or date engraved on the front or bottom to remind guests of your special day.

Candles are also a great gift because a candle will eventually melt and run out. This means you won’t have to worry about guests having an odd gift 20 years later that they’re not sure what to do with. They can use it for as long as it burns, and end up with little or no mess!

2. Favor Boxes

These little boxes look adorable as table décor, and you can fill them with chocolates or candies, or whatever little treat you love as a couple. These are also a great idea because guests can munch on the small snack while they’re conversing or listening to speeches.

Wedding favor boxes are also great because you can give them to children. The favors don’t take up too much space on the table, and they can be any color you choose to match your décor. Perfect!


3. Flasks

Depending on the type of party you’re planning, flasks are a great idea for those fun-loving guests that appreciate a fun gesture. Flasks are great, like koozies, because your guests can keep them forever and use them at any time of the year. You can also have the wedding party get back together for your anniversary and have a night outside with all of your wedding flasks again!

Flasks are also a great idea because they can be personalized with any font, color, or style you like. You can follow the theme of the wedding, insert a romantic wedding quote, or even put on a photo! Whatever you choose, your guests will certainly appreciate a flask for the good times you’re sure to have ahead.

4. Photo Frames

Simple frames are a great party favor for guests because they’ll look great once your guests take them home. You can personalize it on your wedding day by using an engagement photo with a thank you message, and guests can keep the photo or use others later on.

You can also personalize frames with your initials or a quote, but try to keep it simple so it will go well with any décor.

A small favor is a great symbol of a couple’s thanks for their guests spending their special day with them. Guests can tell when you’ve put a lot of thought into their favor, so don’t worry about getting something expensive or flashy—just make sure it means something to you. If your gifts don’t have a personalized message on them, then consider a favor tag to attach to your gift. It’s a great finishing touch to a favor, and you can add a sweet quote or a funny photo of the happy couple.

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