Wedding Favor Basics

Wedding favors are a terrific way to tell your guests thank you for sharing in your special day. By giving your guests favors, you will give them all a reminder of your special day and how much you appreciated having them there. While there is nothing wrong with giving out the same stand by of Jordan almonds in a sachet. There are so many other options out there for you to explore.

However, with options come decisions. Sometimes choosing what type of favor to have can become very difficult, it shouldn’t if you follow a few important steps. Start looking into what type of favor you want as soon as you can. Go ahead and make a list of a dozen or more and go over your ideas with your fiancé. It’s important to incorporate your favor with your over all wedding style.

A few things to keep in mind when making your favor selection are found below; hopefully this information will help make the process much easier for you.

  • Budget-What you choose to give away as favors will of course like everything else depend partially on your budget. Can you afford for everyone’s favor to cost $21.99? Or would it be best to keep everyone’s favor down to about $3.50 a piece?
  • Style- You will want your packaging to exude your personal style and any theme you may be running with. Keeping your beautiful favor packaged in an unflattering manor won’t help your design any. So play around with different boxes, bags, and bows.
  • Personality- The couple that has a major sweet tooth may decide to give out small packages of chocolate covered pretzels. While the couple that loves music may want to make a mix CD of their favorite love songs.
  • Area- Be conscious of how your favor works out with your reception area. Obviously, melt-able items would not be a good idea if you are planning a mid-afternoon outdoor reception in July.
  • Edible- When deciding on your favors it’s important to try and make sure most people will enjoy their gift. Not everyone is a big fan of coconut so try and figure out a majority of your guests taste before giving everyone boxes full of macaroons.
  • Presentation- You will want to present your favors in a fun manor. Whether you decide to place a monogrammed cookie at each place setting, or have each guest take their handmade bath soap home at the exit. Think about what works for you and what works well with the favor. Strongly scented soaps would not be a good idea to have under your nose when eating.

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