Sand Ceremony

Where the tradition started is rough at best. While some say this ceremony started on the west coast where beach weddings are popular. Some also claim that there are some roots in Native American traditions. Either way there is no mistake that a sand ceremony is a unique and more contemporary alternative to the unity candle ceremony.

For a long time unity candles ceremonies have been popular. The bride and groom each have a lit candle. They then together with their individual candles light one large candle together. The individual candles represent their lives before one another. The candle they light together is a reflection of their new life together.

For a sand ceremony, the idea is pretty much the same. The bride and the groom each have a vessel of sand of separate colors. Each vessel of sand represents their lives before one another.

To start, the bride pours into a third and empty container a small amount of her sand. The groom in turn does the same. They alternate layer by layer filling the vessel. The idea is that now the two vessels of sand have been joined together. It is virtually impossible to separate all the individual grains of sand, as is their marriage.

The sand ceremony is also an excellent choice for blended families. Children from a previous marriage will enjoy also having a container of sand. While each member of the new family pours their sand into the jar, the union grows that much stronger.

There are several different “vows” if you will to recite during the sand ceremony. You can have a lot to say or very little the choice is up to you, your partner, and the officiant. Some religions do not allow for a sand ceremony and so you may opt to hold the ceremony later possibly at the reception.

Sand ceremony kits come in all different shapes and sizes. Our Sand Ceremony Vase Set is just one example. We will etch your names and date on the glass for no additional charge! After your wedding, place the vases on an end table or mantle piece and have a constant (not to mention beautiful) reminder of your wedding day!

Sample sand ceremony wording:

Officiant: “(Bride Name) and (Groom Name) today you have decided to unite your separate lives together as one.  These two separate vessels of sand symbolize your separate lives. Your lives full of your own individual family, friends, and dreams. These vessels separate all that you are and will ever be as individuals. As you each pour your sand into this third vessel understand that your separate lives no longer exist. Now you are joined together as one.

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