Open Up to Folio Wedding Invitations

Nothing quite stands up to the class and prettiness of folio wedding invitations. Ideal for invitations containing two or more enclosure cards, folio wedding invitations allow room for reception cards, maps or directions, and more. If you have a multi-part invitation, or you just want your wedding invitations to have a different look, check out The American Wedding’s selection of folio wedding invitations, or read on for a spotlight on the most popular varieties.

Single Folio Pocket Wedding Invitations: Simple and beautiful, these wedding invitations open to reveal one inner pocket for all your enclosures. If you want to recall the classical style of old-fashioned wedding announcements, try these in shades of crimson or ivory.

Vertical Folio Pocket Wedding Invitations: Want a bit of a different look for your wedding invitations? Subvert expectations with invitations that open vertically! Each invitations opens like a proper card to reveal the invitation and pocket within. If you’re going for an unexpected shape, why not try an equally unexpected color like celery green or cotton candy pink?

Gate Folio Pocket Wedding Invitations: Make your presentation an event with gate folio wedding invitations. With the pocket flap and one additional flap to pull open, opening each wedding invitation is like opening grand French doors to reveal the beauty beyond. These elegant invitations work best in shades of chocolate brown or cream.