How To: Assemble Wedding Invitations

assembling wedding invitations to mail to guests

When it comes to sending out your wedding invitations, the final presentation is just as important as the paper, inks, design, and any extras.  While there aren’t any hard rules about how to assemble your invites, we like to think that there is a little bit of an art to it.

Keep in mind that your unique wedding invitation may be the very first clue to your guests of what to expect come your big day (at least for some guests); it can set the tone for your whole event.  This seemingly simple piece of mail carries so much weight in that it announces happiness and sparks excitement all at once!  With a well put-together invitation suite, you’ll wow your guests at their mailboxes!

invitations and accessories

Maybe this is a little “Invitation 101,” but it seems fitting to show what we’ll be working with.  For this example, we’re using a flat invitation accompanied by a reply card and one accessory card.  This particular reply card is a postcard, which is a nice option for a few reasons: it eliminates the need for an extra envelope (a good way to be green), it will require less postage (a great way to save some green), and it means your guests have one less step in sending back their RSVP.  Accessory cards are the perfect place to include reception information, your wedding website address, directions (and maybe a custom map!), or any other information you want to pass along.  If you have a lot of information to share, pocket wedding invitations are a great way to do so while keeping multiple accessory cards tidy.

inner and outer envelopes

We include inner and outer envelopes with all wedding invitation orders.  Some brides prefer only one, and that is perfectly acceptable, but having two allows you to formally address your guests on the outer mailing envelope and be a little more casual on the inner envelope.  The set pictured above features our beloved guest addressing option which matches your invitation fonts (and colors, if you wish) to your envelope.  This option will save you so very much time and costs a fraction of hand-calligraphy.  It really is a beautiful addition to a wedding suite that will stand out to your guests when they receive their special delivery.  (Not pictured, but on the reverse of the outer envelope flap, is the return address.)

what order to place your invitations and accessories

With your invitation set in hand, we suggest arranging your pieces in order by size.  Typically, we place the reply/response card atop the accessory cards and then set them on the invitation to be placed into the inner envelope.  With flat invitations, this keeps your guests from missing a piece or having a smaller card fall out from underneath.  With invitations that feature a bow, we suggest tucking all loose pieces under the band of the bow on the backside of the invitation; likewise, our clutch invitations have a pocket on the reverse to accommodate accessory cards.  Really, it all comes down to what you prefer!

using inner and outer envelopes for wedding invitations

However you arrange your invitation suite, place it into the inner envelope so that it will be instantly legible once your guest removes it.  Think about how one might open the it and place it so it is not upside down or backwards.  Then, in the same manner, put your inner envelope within the outer.  We tell customers to do so by arranging them “flap to flap.”  Note:  Your inner envelope will not have any adhesive and remains open.  Should you want to add a pop of color with an envelope liner, the inner is where it would go.  The outer envelope will be the one you adhere and then stamp.

mailing your wedding invitations

So, there you go… the art and how to of assembling your very own wedding invitations!  Now pick out some pretty postage (or maybe order custom stamps!) and you’ll be set.  Note: We encourage couples to take a fully assembled invite to their local post office to determine the correct postage.

Happy assembling!  Find more inspiration for your perfect wedding stationery and more on Pinterest!

Pictured: Embrace wedding invitaiton

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