Bridal Hair Style Inspiration

Choosing a hairstyle for your big day can be challenging since there are so many options to select from. Here are a few of our favorites and some inspiration on how to style them:

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Many brides like to have an up-do for their big day. This style is not only elegant and sophisticated, but it is a great way to elongate the neck and highlight the dress. A French braid, bun, or even a sleek pin up will do the trick. This look is ideal for a bride that has a halter style dress, one with sleeves, or a style with a higher neckline.

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All down
Regardless of your hair length, styling it down for your walk down the aisle is a great choice. Loose, soft curls are perfect for those with longer hair for this season. Remember that the tighter the curls, the shorter your hair will appear, so for a mini transformation (without putting scissors to your locks), consider having your stylist create a look that incorporates a strong curl.
Classic looks like curled ends or keeping hair layered and straight are also wonderful.
For some added beauty, incorporate a jeweled barrette or headband.

wedding hair styles half up half downPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Half up half down
This look is becoming increasingly popular, as the top half holds back those pesky baby hairs and bangs while the bottom half lets your hair flow freely and beautifully. This looks is often styled with large loose waves but can also be worn with straight hair. To avoid a plain look, create some volume by blow-drying your hair with a round brush and give the ends a small, soft curl.
For an outdoor or nature-inspired wedding, consider weaving in baby’s breath flowers for an ethereal look.

Ponytails can be tricky, but when styled correctly, they can create an elegant and classic look for your trip down the aisle. For a dramatic ponytail, slick all of your hair back, for a more modern look, keep it parted on the side or down the middle, and for a whimsical and youthful look, add a curled end with a braid wrapped around base of the pony tail.

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Buns are popular this season, especially those that are less structured and more natural or have added intricacies. The bun can either sit mid-way on the middle of your head, up high, to the side, or down low to create different looks. Keep the hair leading to your bun loose with pieces around your frame whisping down for a playful look or keep the bun structured and to the side for a more mature look.

additions for your wedding hair stylePhoto Credit: Long Hair Styles

Headbands are the perfect way to add some extra glam to your wedding day look. For a more classic look, select one that is thin and has little to no embellishments. Headbands that are thicker and have and have accents like rhinestones, feathers, or flower details create a modern look.
Weaving in small flowers and natural elements are also popular when working toward a youthful, natural look.

Other additions to your wedding day hairstyle are barrettes, clips, pins, hats, lace detail, combs, and tiaras.

Be sure to talk to your stylist prior to your big day. It’s always good to discuss options and even go for a test. Try different styles out and see which one best suits you, your personality, and the look you’re trying to achieve.

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