Wedding Invitations: It’s not just what’s inside that counts!

We all get stacks of mail every day – from ads to bills to the increasingly rare handwritten letter. Sometimes at the end of the day you’re just too tired to tackle that stack in the mailbox, but what if you miss something? When you get a piece of mail that’s really worth it (like a wedding invitation!), you want to know right away!

What could be more exciting than a wedding invitation? Make your invitation worth the stack of junk mail your loved one has to sort through to get to it by making it stand out with just the right envelope!

When it comes to sending out your invitations, you already have hundreds of options, but don’t forget that what’s outside is what everyone sees first! Just take a look at a few of the ways you can make your invitation as eye-catching on the outside as it is inside with the perfect envelope:

1. Break the mold! Why settle for an ordinary greeting card-sized envelope when you can get creative with a saucy square or an airmail-esque rectangle? Do something a little different than your standard shape and see that reflected in your envelope!

2. Stand out in a crowd! Anyone can send off a white invitation in a white envelope – have a little fun with an exciting metallic or a seasonal pastel. From brilliant bright red to shimmering gold, your envelope can be as bold as you are!

3. Don’t let the fun stop once the envelope’s opened! Whether you’d like your envelope lined with soothing stripes or an extravagant floral, you’ll be keeping their attention all the way from the outside to what’s really important – the invitation to your big event.

With a little creativity, you can guarantee that your wedding invitation will get the attention it deserves the minute it’s out of the mailbox.