Wedding Invitations for Every Type of Wedding: Military

Being in the military doesn’t just mean a snazzy uniform for the bride or husband to be anymore & if you’re a commissioned officer of the armed forces or a reserve officer on active duty, you can enjoy all the pomp and circumstance of a military wedding. You’ll enjoy the walk through raised sabers as befits your rank, and fellow soldiers can dress up in their uniforms to attend. The only thing not proscribed is what your wedding invitations should look like!

Since there’s no real guideline for military wedding invitations, we say go with what feels right to you. It’s best to ride the middle ground between candy-striped brightly-colored novelty invitations and jacketed, beribboned, lace-overlayed invitations, so stick with solid colors, leaning away from pastels, and you’ll be able to capture the right tone of seriousness for your upcoming nuptials.

Military weddings are all about utilitarian chic, so skip the blossoms and lace and consider basic single, double, or triple panel wedding invitations in a variety of colors. Army green might be pushing it on the twee scale, but if you pair it with cranberry red or tree bark brown you can end up with a lovely look that’s respectful of the long tradition of military weddings without losing the sense of joy and excitement undoubtedly permeating your wedding planning.

Since there’s probably a spirited thread of patriotism in both of you, red, white, and blue invitations could work as well. This works best with triple panel wedding invitations: you can make the backing layer red, the middle layer blue, the main layer white, and the ink and envelope blue for a complete, pretty look that’s not overbearing. If you can’t bear to go without a clever accent or two, consider silvery ribbon to echo the shine of the sabers you’ll walk beneath.