Jewish Wedding Invitations On A Budget

If you’re having a Jewish wedding ceremony, the costs are probably adding up more quickly than you ever thought possible. One of the most surprisingly costly expenses is a fine set of Jewish wedding invitations. But what if you’re not ready to spend a fortune on your wedding? It’s still possible to get wedding invitations that reflect your desire to have a great Jewish celebration.

Since one of the principal expenses is in getting your wedding invitations professionally printed, a good way to save money is to order unprinted invitations and print them yourself. For best results, we recommend creating a picture file like a .jpg in a picture-editing program, and printing directly onto your invitations. This will create a cleaner look than attempting to print from a document file.

While Jewish wedding invitations need not be excessively fancy, you might find yourself longing for a bit of decoration. This can, again, be accomplished with a color printer; simply add in the adornment of your choice to the .jpg and alter the wording placement accordingly until you have a pleasing design. If you’ve a steady hand and a good deal of creativity (and bridesmaids to help), you can even personalize each invitation with stamped borders.

Throughout the planning process, you should also keep in mind that you don’t need lavish wedding invitations. So long as you have your friends and family with you and you’re having a traditional ceremony, you have what you need. Adding religious iconography or going all out on your wedding invitations won’t add much to what will inevitably be a beautiful experience to welcome you to married life.